Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Top 10

...I was going to say layouts, but I think I have favorites that aren't layouts here's my favorite creations from this year!  

I had cut the Starbucks logo from a bag to make my own photo, and mostly made up of stamping.

I lose count of how many times I forget to get my clothes out of the dryer and have to put them on the fluff cycle, and a few other quirks about myself...I used those foam Jenni Bowlin stamps with paint, and then cut out the center.

My American Crafts guest designer work, all are a favorite, but this one is my most fave.
This was a canvas I did with Paper Issues and Gauche Alchemy...this may be my most favorite project all year.  It says Peace in Chinese.
My First Lily Bee project, another all time favorite of mine
This one just makes me happy.
My favorite Archie layout
This was one of the projects I did as a guest for Gauche Alchemy...all are my favorite, but my most fave is this funky layout.
One of the projects I did while I was on the My Scrapbook Nook design team - they closed this year...miss them!
And my last one and most favorite mini album of the year - Summer 2012 canvas Mini Album for Lily Bee

This was not easy to pick favorites and I've never approached any of my work this way.  I think it is a good idea to do and see what I {You} really like about your work.  One thing I notice is how very few of my layouts look the same.  I use lots of stamping sometimes and sometimes I don't.  Very eclectic, sometimes simple, sometimes busy...but always the focus on the photos or design.  More and more stitching was used.  And my top thing I noticed...I like to use color!

Now after posting this, this makes me want to be even more creative without any fear of messing up, and have more time to play and experiment.

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Right Here, Right Now

A new Paper Issues theme is up and just in time for starting your Project Life for 2013 or finishing your 2012 album.  

Link up a project with our Right Here, Right Now theme.
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So thrilled to have these amazing girls joining me on the Paper Issues Hop:
Patricia = You are Here

NKat is our sponsor for our prize of a 3 month Project Life subscription to her shop!  There's so many amazing small businesses in this industry.  She provided all of the girls on the hop with some of her product.  I received a huge bag of die cuts/embellishments.  The die cuts were a very nice thick cardstock with great texture.  The polaroid frames, labels, and banners made putting this week together super easy and fast.
Be sure to link up your projects for the Paper Issues Theme.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

December Daily - Days 19 thru 25

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays!  We had a quiet Christmas.  Now getting back into the swing of things.

Sharing the finished December Daily.
Included the Starbucks cup this time, and it was one of two that I had this year!  Shocker!  We make lattes at home now otherwise I'd be getting more!
Put the Elf on the Shelf in here...had to get him in here...  This sounds terrible I know, but every parent is different, and I respect everyone's parenting.  I cannot lie to Emma.  It is because of her going to pre-school and hearing about Santa Claus (even though we had talked about him, but very little), that the whole Santa thing with the elf is done at our house now.  I'm all for the fun and the magic, but whenever she asks me questions about the elf or Santa, I answer it with a question:  what do you think?  
Emma's school program and last the start of being off for the Holidays.
Right after her program, we went to the mall.  So I'm keeping with the numbers, but still not worrying about putting everything on the exact day...the school program did happen on the 21st, but so did day 22 ;)
Spent the day with Holly, Mike and Lisa (my family).  We ate Mexican, then opened presents back at their house.
Christmas Eve - in my family we always opened presents on Christmas Eve, so we keep that tradition too.  She was too cute...very grown up in her responses to presents now.  Either makes absolutely no response or says yeah yeah yeah...she's too young for this!
Christmas Day - that morning was just priceless...
I think {we} surprised her with a Hello Kitty bike, Cinderella's Castle, and the one thing she asked for but I felt it was too young for her...a Fisher Price toy, but I got it on sale, thankfully...because that really was the only thing she asked for.
Even though the Fisher Price toy was what she asked for, we knew she would like the bike and she did...that was the first thing she said "a Hello Kitty bike, I've always wanted one."  Well, she never let us know that!  Good thing we know what she likes.
Here is a slideshow of our December leading up to Christmas...I really really enjoyed doing this year's December Daily.  After doing this for the first time last year, I've learned to made it more my own.

I'll have a post up on Sunday for the next Paper Issues theme.  In the meantime, I've got CHA work I'm busy doing for Carta Bella (loving the new lines) and Lily Bee!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Carta Bella and American Crafts Layouts

A little Italian/American today ;)

This layout was on the Carta Bella blog.  I used the Winter Fun Collection.  If you know how much I love blue, then you know how much I loved this collection.  So for this layout I pulled all the blues (kind of teal too), white, brown, and tan.

I made these shapes and designed the layout using Silhouette Studio.  Here is a video showing how I did this.
This was the last time it snowed here in the New Orleans area...2008...and a very special year, but we didn't know it at the time...Emma was born that July and would soon be home in the next six months with us.

And here's how the layout started to come together once everything was cut.
 I decided that the plain background needed more I cut the strip of the negative cuttings of the elongated hexagons from the pattern paper to mask and mist.  (not the best way to do this, but I wanted to save the pattern paper to use on something else).  In order to mask the areas I didn't want to mist, I tore several old scraps and made sure every part of the background was covered and only the elongated hexagons were showing.  Then misted.
 Kept doing that until I got the look I wanted...mixed a silver and a tan color.  I wanted a little bit more I grabbed some old ribbon cardboard rolls.  Dipped those in some watered down mist, and stamped...I wanted them to have a drippy look.
 The background is done, now I start placing pieces, photos, and all the details.  One of my most favorite layouts...and honored that it was used in Carta Bella's advertising for this collection.
Next, I have some American Crafts layouts that were up on the American Crafts blog yesterday.  I love my iPhone and Instagram, but still not as much as my DSLR.  I made a star-shaped hood for my 50mm 1.8 lens to make our Christmas tree lights look like stars.  (I will post how I did this next week).  
I had this idea in my head...I cut out several stars using the Silhouette...than laid down the negative piece and pressed a versamark ink pad all over it, sprinkled and embossed the stars.  Using a gel medium, I added the positive cut outs.
This one was also with my DSLR in the big mall...I LOVE this shot I was able to get...looking through the trees at Santa very busy.  Since the layout was centered around that photo, I made the "naughty or nice" with the Silhouette.  I took a frame design and merged the words into it.
Both of these layouts were made with the Kringle and Co collection from American Crafts.
If I don't get another post up before Christmas...want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Daily - 14, 15, 16, and 18

Quick post of the latest December Daily pages.

I ended up moving that green chevron bag.  Day 14 is a 2-page spread.
Day 15 - just one picture with a page protector embellished as a divider.
And there's the green chevron bag...if anything, it's pretty ;)
The "Adore Him" was a church flier.  I scanned it and changed it to black and white, printed it to the size I wanted, cut and sewed a page protector around it, but put journaling on the back before I did that.
I did add some sparkle to the church flier before I sewed it up.  The Joy to the World cut out is from Ormolu.
The nativity scene was a picture I took from Celebration in the Oaks.  I wanted that to be the focus...So I used a piece of transparency, brushed on some diamond stickles and sprinkled sequins and stars on top...after it dried, I added the 16, then slipped it into the 4x6 pocket.
Emma's snowman she painted.  It is poster size, so this is an iPhone photo, and I printed it to the size I wanted.
Pictures I had taken of some of the packages coming in that I had ordered.
Everything from these days didn't happen on that day, except for Day 15...doing DD like this is really working for me!

I have three more projects to from Carta Bella and two from American Crafts.

We are off to Emma's school program today! 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project Life, Weeks 48, 49, and 50

I have lots of Project Life to share.  If you notice I've skipped week 47...I did that one-page spread for an upcoming Paper Issues theme.  And if you had a chance to see my Q&A post about Project Life, one of the things I talked about is that I've started using more of the white grid cards from Becky Higgins.  These few weeks are mostly with those cards, October Afternoon tid bits, silhouette cuts, washi tape, stamps, and a few embellishments.  And one new tool I've incorporated is my Mom's old typewriter.

Week 48 - the end of November and the start of December...
Have some close ups you can enlarge by clicking on them...

Week 49 - Non-Christmas keeping the day to day regular events separate from my December Daily...and there's still tons to document for both.
Close ups...

Week 50 - this one ended up being a two-page spread...thought I could make it a 1, but I wanted all of this documented...and unlike the traditional PL format...the pages are not side by side...they didn't fall that way, and I'm fine with that...I'm not making something pretty to be published, it's just for me and my family.
 And here's the second page of Week 50.  I still only used the white grid cards, and the other items I listed above, but I added some of the Basic Grey Fact or Fiction transparencies and ephemera. 

Later in the week I'll have some American Crafts Christmas layouts to share as well as some December Daily.

Paper Issues is having a Project Life and December Daily theme right now.  Head on over for a chance to win some wood stamps from and link up your Project Life and December Dailies.

Use my code:  PATRICIA in the shop for 20% off...Cassie is always stocking the store, so check back frequently.

Prayers to everyone affected by the events from Friday...I can only say everyone has been on my mind, my heart, and in my prayers.

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