Friday, January 04, 2013

Project Life, Weeks 51 and 52!!

I can remember being about a month or so into Project Life, I wasn't loving it, but I knew once I started, I wanted to finish.  Then finally about the third month into it, I found my groove.  So here are the last two weeks of my completed Project Life!

Week 51 - we tried the big girl bed, school program.
A couple of closeups...for this week I went through all of my scrap pieces of pattern paper.  I have loved the white grid cards, but wanted to change it up...and that's what's great about "making" project Life work for you...make it simple some weeks, add a little more pattern paper another...your choice/style. 
Love that October Afternoon Farm Girl cherry washi tape! 
Here is the other side of Week 51...a few more pictures from the program, our trip to the big mall, and visiting my sister and brother-in-law for our Christmas get together.
Some closeups...I used some bits from Basic Grey, Glitz, Lily Bee Stamps.
Here's week 52!!  I decided to try out one of my new protector styles I just bought from Becky Higgins.  It is G and I really really like the look of it!  It was a challenge because so different and one good reason to stick with the same style...but really fun to change it up.  For this week, I used what I had on my table...I had just finished some work with Basic Grey's Soleil, so that is what I used with a mix of October Afternoon and some older Studio Calico.
Some closeups again...yes that is a very overdone bagel...and had to go in here...Christmas Eve was chaotic with the energy from Emma, trying to sister was here helping...we were visiting, talking, having fun...I needed something else from the store...Dennis totally forgot about his bagel...which by the way I had accidentally thrown away his first one!  One of those you had to be there...but had to go in here!
Only a few photos are the same as what I used in December Daily...but the majority are the "other" things that getting outside for some fresh air on Christmas day...
The other side of Week 52.  The new style protector slowed me down a little...but it really was a nice change.
Some closeups...

So here is the big, chunky Project Life for 2012.  One thing I don't do...scrap flat...Ha!  And that carries over into Project Life.  The last page there is the plastic envelope from Becky holds most of Emma's artwork from school and home in there.  I date stamp on the back of them, and just tuck them in. 
And this made my day seeing Emma looking through it :)
I would love to get by with just scrapbooking...but I think Project Life really is important to get life documented without missing the it is a great place to keep memorabilia.  It is definitely a guilt-free way to scrap...if you do it in a way that works for you.

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  1. Amazing job! I just love your work!

  2. this is AWESOME--I am catching up and LOVING the process!

  3. How fun to see the whole big, finished project! It makes me really want to do it now!

  4. Congratulations! Finishing PL is a huge accomplishment!
    And I agree with Sarah. I just really want to give it a try :)

  5. How awesome! Congrats on finishing and in such a timely fashion at that!!!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the photos, the bright colors, your designing! It all looks great! And good for you for finishing! :)

  7. Hi Patricia =) Since the Nook cloesed I have almost forgot to visit you... I have now been doing some catching up in yout blog ;) So many wonderful pages... So I won't miss your gorgeus woek.. I´m now a follower!

    Hugs Maja

  8. I love how PL works for you, Patricia! I really think it is wonderful how you can store memorabilia and have more journaling and documenting. I know that I miss that on my scrapbook pages!!!! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year and HUGS to you and your family!!!!

  9. Huge congrats on finishing your PL! I wish I'd have thought of including the kids' artwork at the end of mine. If I do it again, I will! Your pages are amazing. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  10. Wow, I am sooooo impressed. That is one good-looking album and to have finished the year, well, that's such an achievement. Congrats. You have a real treasure for your family. Me? I am still trying to finish my Dec Daily from 2011....Love the way you captured every day life right down to the burnt bagel!

  11. Your project life pages are so beautiful! Congrats on finishing! I still have December to do; but I am starting 2013 and will work on back weeks as time permits. I especially love the last photo with Emmy in her sequiny skirt looking at the book!

  12. Weeks 51 & 52--hooray! You finished the year! I bet that feels great. You did a beautiful job, and I'm glad that Emma is already enjoying the completed book.

  13. Your PL work is so beautiful, Patricia!! LOVE these pages and congrats on finishing up last year!!


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