Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life, Weeks 2 and 3

Hi, Everyone!  For week 2, I did a 2-page spread, but they are not side by side, but back to back.  That doesn't bother me as long as I have the weeks documented.

I decided to put both the paper card and the iTunes card from my sister-in-law Denise, for Christmas, in here.  I think from that,  ended up going with a cooler palette of colors for this spread.
Some closeups...
The "love" is a pre-made card from Echo Park, the "this" I stamped.
Onto the backside of week 2...of course, my husband is a big Alabama fan...so included that in here.  Lots of journaling on this spread.  I made notes in Evernote of the teacher conference and added that into this week.  The Lolaloopsy couldn't be more perfect, and there was a story behind that one, so since I didn't take a picture of the toy, I included some of the packaging.
Some closeups...
This was my first time that any of my work was displayed at CHA, so it was a big deal to me, and one I wanted to remember.  I found some pins with my work and found some photos on Flickr, so made a little collage on a 4x6, added the text, and printed.  
Week 3 - is a one page spread.  I have decided to pull out the DSLR more and do what I love best, taking everyday type photos, the little details...
Stopping to grab the camera and taking more photos of Archie (my boy will be 18 this year)...my Mom's typewriter that I have now.
Breakfast and getting lunch ready on school days...
Emma's toys and the details of us still sleeping with Emma...details that will be good to remember later.

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