Friday, July 19, 2013

Studio Calico Toolbox Class

Wanted to pop in and tell you how excited I am to be contributing to Studio Calico's upcoming TOOLBOX class.  This class will fill your crafting toolbox with cool tips on stitching, mixed media, misting and digital from four technique masters.  Amy Tan, Celine Navarro, Geralyn Sy and Shanna Noel will each spend a week in August teaching you the ins and outs of their favorite techniques.  I'll be contributing to the stitching week, and I'm going to be sharing a card showcasing french knots.

Through 7.24, Studio Calico has a cool offer for everyone who signs up for Toolbox - they'll be able to pass a FREE spot in the class to a friend.  Here are all the details:
You'll want to stop by Amy Tan's blog for a chance to win a spot in the class, and then pop over to the Studio Calico blog for more links to class sneaks and giveaways! 

Amy Tan | Stitching 
Celine Navarro | Mixed Media 
Geralyn Sy | Mist 
Shanna Noel | Digital 
STITCHING CONTRIBUTORS : Patricia Roebuck | Sasha Farina | Jen Jockisch | Becky Novacek
MIXED MEDIA CONTRIBUTORS : Stephanie Bryan | Lisa Spangler | Marcy Penner | Anna-Maria Wolniak 
MISTING CONTRIBUTORS : Dana Fleckenstein | Jill Sprott | Nicole Reaves 
DIGITAL CONTRIBUTORS : Catherine Davis | Barbara Picinich | Stephanie Washburn | Tina Aszmus

If you have never taken a Studio Calico class, I would highly recommend it.  I have taken several.  And even though I can't always participate on the message boards or assignments, all of the information is still available when I am ready to look it over. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good for you patricia - that is awesome! You will be a fabulous contributor to the class!


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