Wednesday, October 02, 2013

American Crafts' Exclusive Target Halloween Line

Have you picked up any of the American Crafts Halloween line found exclusively at Target?  They have 6x6 paper pads, clothespins, sequins, stars, stickers, labels...and some kits with pre-made and designed projects you can put together quickly.

Here are some projects I have done with the line.

The idea for the layout started with my love of hexagons (still), then the title came, the photo, and it all came together.  Our daughter was only 15 months old and we had only been together for 3 months.  It was like we were together forever.  I did freak her out a bit though with my makeup.  ;)
A few close-ups.  I cut some vellum hexagons for the sequins pockets, cut different sizes of hexagons to mask and mist, and then layered on top.
The added black stitching really adds to the look and theme, especially if you leave them dangling.  
And next is a Halloween wreath.  I picked up this wooden wreath at Michael's last year, and finally decided to do something with it.
Laying the 6x6 pattern papers on my 12x12 mat, I sent it through the Silhouette to cut several leaves.  Not pictured, but I stitched a zigzag in the center of each one (yes, each one), and then sprinkled black mist on top of them.
Leave the threads dangling again, it really adds to the look.  And here is how it came out.  To cover the Frankenstein on the wreath, I cut a piece of the Silhouette chipboard (more like cardboard) to lay on top, then painted.  I have steps of how I painted these layers coming up with another project for American Crafts later this month.
The spider and web are an American Crafts design in the Silhouette store.  Super intricate, so had to be very careful lifting off the mat, but a perfect touch.
I used American Crafts Zazz! Glitter glue to accent the wreath, the web, and the spider.
Next is a super easy project.  I had found these Spring bottles for 75% off at Michael's.  I knew the colors would work well for Halloween.  I used the labels from the collection and the washi tape around the neck of the bottles.  And done.
And my last one really is not my design or project.  It is the American Crafts banner kit.  My five-year old daughter did about half of the wreath.  That is how easy it is to assemble and hang.
This is such a beautiful collection.  And can work with non-Halloween as well.  I used it here for my Project Life.  The two top pockets have the 6x6 paper pads.  The top-left photo is Halloween, but it mixed in well with everything.
Hope you pick up some of this for your Fall projects!

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  1. NO WAY!!!! THESE ARE SO AMAZING! You and I both share a love for Halloween :) Imagine the party we could throw if we lived close by! Love these so much, great work Patricia.

  2. wow--great projects! We are finally getting a Target store here in Quebec (YAY!) and I am hoping they have a good craft section with these cute puppies!

  3. You are AMAZING! I love all of these projects.

  4. These are fantastic! I LOVE that layout, the little star punches, the misting, the hexagons/stitching, and such a fun photo, and the wreath is outstanding! You're going to make me have to make a trip to Target!

  5. Aaawesome layout!! That photo is so beautiful!
    Love your other Halloween projets too!!
    Loooove the die cut leaves ... wow!
    But ... those spiders are scary LOL :)

  6. Love that big purple you on the layout - wow! Great idea covering the side pieces of the wreath with papers, definitely going to try that!

  7. Beautiful. I love Halloween and what you created is just great. That layout and the picture on it are WONDERFUL!!

  8. Awesome projects Patricia - love the hexagons on the 'Hexed By You' layout and your idea to cover the frankenstein wreath with the Silhouette chipboard was just genius :)

  9. You rocked each and every one of these projects, Patricia! Your creativity blows me away. :)

  10. LOVE these! I picked up a bunch of the AC stuff- it's all super cute! i LOVE the sequins sewed inside the hexagon "pockets" in your layout- so makes me smile! The whole layout rocks & your wreath makeover is over the top awesome too!!

  11. Love all of your projects Patricia!! The hexagons and vellum on your layout are so awesome and I love that you used the Washi Tape and papers on the decorative bottles!

  12. Wow wow wowwwwwwww!! These are gorgeous!!!

  13. Patricia, this is the most stunning Halloween layout ever! Wish my Target would carry scrap supplied but they don't, sniff sniff. I just love all your projects, amazing work!

  14. FABULOUS!! I especially love the layout!

  15. You are SO GOOD! Patricia, that hexed layout is freaking gorgeous!!! I am in total love with your layout! ;) You're very talented!


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