Monday, October 14, 2013

Lily Bee Cards | Inspiration

Last Wednesday on the Lily Bee blog I shared how this this artwork on this puzzle inspired the two cards I made.
Here are my two cards based from this artwork.  Both cards follow the design in the middle and center.
The twine anchors the pumpkin, curlycues, and leaves just like the black grass anchors the pumpkin and cat from the artwork.
Same middle, center design, but I used the yellow labels going down in a zig zag, ending with the larger circle sticker label.  The sentiment (I letterpressed it and fussy cut it) is placed three-quarters the way up and off centered to anchor the entire design.
Love how inspiration is everyone.  Hope this inspires you to see what inspired you and create.

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  1. Such fun cards! Love how you mix and match patterns!

  2. Love love love the little vellum ghost in the pumpkin.
    So cute.
    These cards are amazing.

  3. You are so creative, Patricia! Love both of these!

  4. Love these cute cards Patricia, and the way you used the puzzle box for your design inspiration!


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