Friday, December 27, 2013

Project Life, Week 48

I didn't plan on taking a break from blogging, but it was needed.  It was great to take a break and enjoy the holidays.  And I hope everyone did as well and had a wonderful Christmas.  We had my sister-in-law in town, and then for Christmas day my family came, so it was so nice to get to have us all together.  

I have not worked on December Daily since my last blog post, but I did on purpose.  I want to be selective about the next five memories I add to my album.  I'll have it finished by the weekend and post next week.

But Here's more Project Life.  This is Thanksgiving week.  Oh, so many fun things going on...two movie premieres.  Frozen came out the day before Thanksgiving, and my beloved Doctor Who came to the theatre for the "Day of the Doctor."
I watched "Day of the Doctor" at home, but it was 10 times better in a theatre with other Doctor Who fans using their sonic screw drivers to fix the technical difficult of the movie.  It was just an amazing experience...yes, I'm a geek, but not as geeky as some...just saying!  And we loved loved Frozen...we had been waiting since we first saw the premiere for it back in either August or Sept.  And after we saw it, we bought the soundtrack.  All so good!  Oh, and another premiere was Sofia and the Floating Palace...LOL  It's a big deal for us here!
We were so thankful to be invited by our friends for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed it, and especially Emma, so much.
A few close-ups.  I was on a roll using Studio Calico, Freckled Fawn, and Elle's Studio kits on this spread.  I had done three in one weekend, and it just made these come together so quickly.  And am doing the same today and tomorrow.  Helps so much.

Is anyone sharing their top 13 layouts, cards, Project Life for 2013.  I'm thinking of doing that next week.

I will return comments, just really needed a break.  Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting!

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  1. Great spread! I need to learn to be ok with not having enough pictures to fill the entire week :)

  2. Relax! You deserve it, and hope you and hubby are feeling better!

  3. Wonderful spread. I love your Project Life.

  4. Wow you go girl! Way to keep with it!:)

  5. Great project life pages. Always love how you put it all together. Great colors and embellishing.

  6. Glad you took a break, Patricia. Down time is always a good thing (at least I think so). Love how these pages turned out. This album is so amazing and will be so awesome to look back on.

  7. Brilliant work! Nothing wrong with taking a break! :D Happy New Year!!! :D

  8. So fab for keeping up with pl, I got behind and am not sure I can catch up...


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