Monday, January 06, 2014

December Daily - Days 20 - 25

Such a good feeling to finish December Daily.  In between getting sick and amongst the living again, I got it finished, and pictures taken.

If you did a December Daily, hoping you got yours done too.  Getting it done and then looking through it, I really realized how special this will be for our daughter to look at when she is older.  I would love to have this from my childhood.

So here goes.  Days 20 - 25

Emma's school program and her last at this school
I took the group photo different ways and picked this one on the top focusing on the teacher reading, with the kids in the background.
Another trip to the mall with my sister.  We hung out at the mall growing up, so all of us at the mall together making new memories is special to me.
Did not bring the big camera.  iPhone only.  The mall has changed so much, it will be nice looking back at the first Starbucks inside the mall.
I got a little more creative on the homestretch here.  I cut down a painted transparency to fit the 4x6 pocket and adhered the reindeer to the outside of the pockets.  He acts as a pretty divider.
Then turning the page to Charlie Brown.  Emma has discovered him and loves him, so had to include this in here.  
One of my favorite spreads.  I like the natural colors on this spread.
This is leading into us going to see Frozen again, so I knew I wanted snowflakes.  I cut the snowflakes from vellum, then slipped inside a large protector. 
The cardstock snowflake is adhered to the outside.  I dug a little into my Freckled Fawn kit using that snowflake embellishment in the center.
And Christmas Eve!  Left that bottom left pocket see-through.  Used another painted transparency to fit inside the large protector , filled with some of the stars from the kit.  
The wooden 25 is from the Freckled Fawn kit and adhered to the protector.  The cut out 25 in black is with the purchase of the Scraptastic Stocking Stuffer kit.
The bottom right pocket is see-through...I started leaving a few like this to look onto the next pages.  My favorite first photo of her seeing her presents.  Love her face!
You can already see there's a lot more see-through here with the glare.  Instead of the pocket page on the right, I used a large one.  I adhered the photos, stickers, die cuts, etc. to a sheet of the painted transparency and slipped inside the large protector.
Then on the backside of that transparency on the left, I filled in with cards (extra cards I purchased from the same Glitz line).  Then for the very last page, I did the same thing with a painted transparency.  I adhered the photos on either side, filled with stars, slipped the transparency in, then added stitching.
The sticker here is attached to the outside.  I had to include more photos on the 25th...too many special ones not to include.
And there it is...finished!
I think I got this to's a slideshow of the entire December Daily.
Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. What a wonderful album! Glad that you are feeling better!

  2. Lovely pages. Love the dear and the snowflakes. Such a beautiful family picture. Wasn't Frozen so good!?!?! Happy New Year, Patricia!

  3. Fabulous job Patricia! I watched the slideshow twice!! TFS

  4. Gorgeous album, Patricia!

  5. This is such an amazing album, Patricia! What fun it will be to look back on in the years to come. I really love all of the special touches you added to this...the deer, the vellum divider, the stitching, etc.

  6. How beautiful this DD is!! Wondering where you got the deer head die cut in red and black? Did you buy the silhouette cut somewhere or is it a punch? It is a must have!

  7. Your DD is the best DD that I saw this year !!! I really love it and I'll be inspired with it for my next one.

    Everything is beautiful, Pictures, embellisshements, arrangements, people on the pictures. All, all, all..... I want the same so send me your own hahhahhahah !!!! No seriously, I love it.

    I've done only 5 days..... but pictures are ready ! hummm almost ready ! Have a good day !


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