Friday, April 11, 2014

Faux String Eggs | Pink Paislee

This DIY project was so much fun to make.  Those beautiful string eggs you see a lot on Pinterest inspired me to try paper instead of string.  The step by step with photos is on the Pink Paislee blog.  This is using the Hello Sunshine collection.  Very fun project to do with the kids as well.  Emma loved making her own egg.
We are off to the doctor again.  That fever just won't stay away for Emma.  Not a good week here, but hope you all have had a great week and a great weekend!

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  1. so cute !! love this project and the pastel colors !!

  2. What a fun project! Hoping Emma will feel better soon....there is a lot of fun coming in a couple weekends!

  3. I REALLY hope Emma is feeling better :(

  4. Sooooooo cute cute cute! Hoping Emma feels better soon!!!

  5. you amaze me every time I visit!


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