Monday, April 14, 2014

Off the Page with Cocoa Daisy April "Hint of Sunshine" kits

I hope you have gotten or will be getting the April “Hint of Sunshine” kits soon.  I got all of them and used pieces from all kits on this altered chipboard.
IMG_1087WEB Here’s how it came together and my dilemma.  I have done clipboards before, but I already have an inexpensive clipboard that I bought in a pack from Office Depot.  I can’t get the screws out to remove the clip, and the Office Depot logo is on the clip.  I really want to try to make it work without buying a more expensive clipboard OR spending any money on the project.  I wasn’t sure until the very end, that this project was a keeper or not.
Here's how to make it:
1)  Wishing I still had some gold spray paint since the gold paint I have is too translucent to cover, I start to add some Gesso hoping it will help, but not really.  Not sure yet how I will cover the chipboard part, but went ahead and covered in Gesso.


2)  The clip part is just okay, now to decide what to do with the chipboard.  I used the washi tape from the Dewdrop Day In the Life Add On Hint of Sunshine kit to cover it.  To cover under and around the clip, I lifted the clip and got up as close to where it connects to the board.  Then used a piece of vellum and marked roughly the outline of the metal piece.  Then just like wallpapering, I was able to slip that end of the washi under the metal piece to fit exactly.
 3)  I want this project to be softer so using a baby wipe and white paint or Gesso, I lightly covered the washi tape.
4)  Using a Design A Project Life protector, cut the middle 3x4 pockets out from the rest of the protector, leaving the seam in place.
5)  Now start placing favorite items in the pocket.
6)  Place a small piece of washi tape on the back to start french knots on the tag.
7)  Wrap the thread once around your needle, and stitch back down into the same hole you came up from.  Hold the loose end tight, while keeping the loop snug around needle as you pull through will help make a tighter neater knots.
8)  Once the stitching is complete, start finishing the pockets with papers and embellishments from all of the kits.
9)  Add chipboard from the Prism kit, my daughter helping here.
10) And the Prism kit came to my rescue, the Basic Grey wood die cut butterfly covered the Office Depot logo perfectly.  I also had to use a few of those all over the chipboard.  I grabbed some leftover favorite photos, and used the main clip to hold the 5x7, grabbed a clothespin from my stash to clip the smaller photo at the bottom.
I have this hanging in my scrap room, and so glad I didn’t give up on this project.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you get some ideas from this and make something fun from the "Hint of Sunshine" kits.

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  1. WOWZERS!! This is so stunning!!! Love it!

  2. such a great piece! I love how intentional you were with all the elements, the stitching, the confetti, the cloud/rain, everything is perfectly placed and gorgeous!

  3. This is so beautiful, Patricia! Such an amazing mix of product and techniques!

  4. It turned out beautiful!
    And those are such lovely photos of her!!

  5. Gorgeous Patricia! Love it!! Amazing how you did those feathers!

  6. Amazing !!! Love all the details !!!

  7. Wonderful project and tutorial! I love clipboards. Haven't done one in a while. Thanks for the inspiration!:)

  8. Oh, it's beautiful! Love the soft colors!


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