Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Life, Week 12 | American Crafts

I tried something new on this spread.  Project Life (for me) can get stale and just need to spice it up, change it up, do something to break the same old same old.
Here's what I did, no 4x6 photos, still did some 3x4 photos to fit in the pockets, but mostly used square 1.4 photos, rounded the corners and matted on a piece of pattern paper to give me a collage look.  I didn't use Photoshop Elements.  I wanted to stay with just using Lightroom, so to get that digital collage look, I had to do it manually.
I took a gazillion photos at the Strawberry patch, but I didn't want any large photos and I had a lot of photos already, so I did the same square 1.40 photos, rounded corners, matted on pattern paper.  We each got a pocket.

 I am glad I saved this to my phone photo album.  Emma took pictures of me as she called out an emotion for me to do.  She wanted me to do the same thing to her.  So I took them all, using Photo Stitch (an iPhone app), and made a collage.  I uploaded like I do all of my iPhone photos, and printed it.  Love this!

 So if I don't want to go into Photoshop Elements and have to create photos collages, I know this way works, it it was fast.  Lightroom has me spoiled and I don't want the added steps of Photoshop Elements
Will share a video and a mini I did for Pink Paislee tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a fun spread! I am loving all the green highlights and the scripty/watercolor words!

  2. Love the colors you used on these PL pages!!!

  3. Fun PL pages!! Beautiful and fun photos!!
    Love the embellies and the colors!! wow!!

  4. seems I have missed your last 3 or 4 posts....thankyou as always for the divine inspiration and that sewing tut is fab!

  5. Always love looking at your PL pages! Not sure if you knew this, but I create all my photo collages in the Print module in Lightroom. I create 4x6 and 8.5x11 print templates in LR and save them as Print presets. I never go into Photoshop to create collages.

  6. These are beautiful spreads. Love the way you do PL.
    Awesome photos and I love that collage effect!
    Well done! :-)


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