Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Break Has Started

Blog, oh blog, I have neglected you the past few days.  

I am completely zapped emotionally, creatively, mentally, and physically.  Here's what has happened this past weekend.

Emma's kindergarten graduation and saying goodbye to her school of three years,  

stage recital rehearsal, meeting the beautiful Meghann Andrew and her lovely family, 
the recital (I also worked backstage with the Emma's group, and Emma had 3 meltdowns), hubby left next day for business trip, and Summer vacation for Emma started.

And the lipstick I used for Emma for her recital...well, I forgot it in the pocket of my newly purchased denim vest so that pretty floral shirt with Meghann is in the trash, and trying to salvage a few things.  I think that was the icing on the cake for my nerves, and I had my own meltdown.

All been wonderful things, milestones, celebrations, friendships, time with my girl but so much at one time.

Squeezing in some scrap time, especially with the new Cocoa Daisy June BoHo Garden kit.  I have sneaks on Instagram, but will do a separate post on the blog.

I am going to try to simply as much as I can, mainly with scrapbooking.  I would drop all online galleries if I could, but evaluated that I can at least drop one.  So I will no longer post to the Studio Calico gallery, and only post to Two Peas In a Bucket and if it is for a team requirement.  Otherwise, especially when Cocoa Daisy updates their site, I will start posting everything there.  Everything adds up to time stealers, and I want some of my time back, and more now since it is Summer.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  

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  1. *huuuuuuge* hugs. I SO know the feeling. I'm sorry you are so stressed! It sounds like you and I had a similar ephiphany about summer vacation. After several weeks of stress piles, I just decided on Monday that I was going to cut out as much as I can and see if I could find some ways to really enjoy this summer. May the summer be relaxing, happy, and stress-less for both of us!

  2. Sometimes you just need a meltdown so you can clear your head and press reset. How emotional to leave such a special place for Emma though.....we will be doing that with the girls' preschool next year, I'm not looking forward to it. Glad that you are looking for and have found some ways to simplify. Enjoy your summer and special time with Emma! Soon enough they won't want to hang out with us anymore!!!

  3. Such darling photos. Sorry you are feeling stressed out. It's the same here this time of year. All the kids activities have special get togethers as well as school etc. So much to keep up with. I know all about time stealers. For me it's so hard to stay away from the internet and stay put at my scrapdesk,...LOL! Have a great Summer!!

  4. {hugs}
    Great post!! Beautiful photos!! Lots to scrapbook! :)
    Can't wait to see!!
    I hope Emma will have a super fun Summer Break!!

  5. *SQUEEZE* sounds like A LOT happened in a little time, I realized the same thing about a year ago--time stealers might be fun, I WANTED my life back! We don't have to LIVE in front of our computers and phone--embrace and enjoy life!


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