Monday, August 18, 2014

I Got Tagged!

I Got Tagged:  Also Known As The Blog Hop where you tag other Scrapbookers.

I don't know when the blog hop tagging other scrapbookers started exactly, but I knew it sounded like fun when I was tagged by a scrapbooker I have followed for awhile, probably about the time I started getting out more and out of my scrapbooking hole, we each discovered one another.  Her name is Ashli, but she goes by soaphousemama.  Ashli is queen of step by step tutorials and has some amazing ideas.  Her style has evolved and I am loving what I am seeing.  She will have you wanting to create as soon as you see her creations.

A Little About Me:

  1. What Am I working On Right Now?
Just finished up the sneak above for a blog post coming to the Pink Paislee blog next week.

     2.  How Long Does It Take Me To Create A Project?

I am a lot like Ashli, I work a little here and a little there.  I find it difficult to just work from start to finish without breaking.  I would guess and say about one to two hours.  Most projects are for teams, so I can limit the product I use, and that helps.  I don't over think as much as used to, and may fiddle around moving things, but I try to commit and go.  Taking, editing the photos, and blog posts probably take up more time than it did creating.

     3.  What Are My Favorite Things To Create With At The Moment?

Modeling Paste, watercolors, gelatos.  It feels good to get back to some fun mixed media on my layouts.  When I started scrapbooking, I did not own a lot of supplies, so I had to be creative with my projects and used a lot of paints and markers.  Pattern paper still lures me, but my first love is still mixed media.

    4.  How Does my Writing/Creating Process Work?

Most projects that are for teams, are based off an assignment.  So that is usually my starting point.  An example is the sneak below of my last American Crafts project.  Can you tell what the assignment was?  I will come up with the idea based on that assignment to start.  If I sit down to just create with no assignment, I decide if I want a white background with mixed media or a pattern paper background, and then go from there.

    5.  How Do I Become Inspired and Stay Inspired?

Memories, I want them documented, especially with Project Life.  I get my creative outlet through layouts and cards.  So those two things:  Memories and Creative Outlet fuel me the most.   I love designs and patterns, so I look to Pinterest and shopping.  Having my iPhone handy to snap photos of displays or merchandise that spark an idea.  I have come home from Old Navy after seeing a pair of boots with feathers on it, to come home and apply it to a card.  And lastly, other scrapbookers.  I am always inspired by this community to apply a technique or an idea and make it my own.

   6.  What Is My Signature Style?

I have no clue.  I never know what that really means.  I love color, contrast, texture, and composition (design).  One way or another, those are in my projects.

Now for the fun part of tagging and difficult too.  I have so many favorite scrapbookers.  In no particular order, these are three amazing ladies and scrapbookers: (and I hope to be them when I grow up)

Adrienne Alvis - I could pin every one of her layouts, she is that good.  Her use of pattern paper, phenomenal layering skills, and always have a "why didn't I think of that" use of product.

Mandy Koeppen - Her photography skills show in her large photo layouts, that not only have amazing use of product, but meaning and emotion.  This girl sucks me into her gallery every time, and I don't want to leave.

Diane Payne - Such amazing designs and use of product.  I tend to want to leave the comment "gorgeous" on every one of her unique and fresh projects.

I have met Mandy in person, and have had emails between Adrienne and Diane.  These ladies are truly not just awesome scrapbookers, but have beautiful hearts, and love of their families.  And it shows in their gorgeous work.

Next Monday, August 25th, be sure to click on the three ladies' links above, as the tagging continues.

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  1. It was fun to read through your process and thoughts about creating, Patricia. You know I'm definitely a fan of anything you do. :)

  2. I enjoyed learning more about your creative process! Love your style!!!

  3. Love learning a little more about you!

  4. fun reading about your style!

  5. I love reading more about your process, and I really love your sneak! ~

  6. It's fun to learn more about you by reading your answers to these questions.

  7. SO fun to get to see "you"!


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