Monday, September 22, 2014

Scrap Dat and Project Life, Week 26

Hello!  Yes, I am still around.  Trying to keep up or get ahead, and house still turned upside down from garage renovation.

I had to blog about the crop I went to just a few weeks ago.  Met up with my fellow croppers, we call ourselves the Yo Scrappa Scrappas.  Tonia was very into the theme and always so creative.  I packed the same day as the crop and not prepared.  But I went with no agenda...have fun most assignments I did before or started to finish after.
Emma is in school, but she came Friday night to join in on the fun ;)
Then she was going to come just scrap a little and hang out, but then I could tell when I told her it was just us girls this morning and for lunch, she was about to cry.  Yes "I am a sucker."  She came with me on last day and surprised me by staying several hours!  She was so good.  She says she had the time of her life and is so excited to be part of the "girls."
She helped Mrs. Tonia with her clock.  
And she joined in with us on some fun Photo Booth pics.
I did about 4 Project Life spreads, just the photos and cards.  Had my little printer with me.  Did a couple of layouts, but mostly just chatted and had fun.  Bought these blocks from Mrs. Tonia.  Can't see in picture, but she put knobs on the top, so the cards can hang and you can interchange them.  So I grabbed my stash of Halloween and started a banner.

It really recharged me.  Was so much better with going with no agenda or trying to complete a certain amount of projects.  Got back to the basics of what is fun about this hobby...hanging out with others, seeing their families and lives through scrapbooking.  Can't wait for next time.

Have one Project Life spread to share.  This is actually week 26.  Yeah, because I did a big batch, I got the weeks mixed up.  Fixed, just didn't retake photo.  Used leftover Cocoa Daisy kits.
 I really wanted to catch up, at least two months to have just three weeks behind, but I don't really consider it behind.  I just didn't wanted to not be in Summer for too much longer while in Fall.  

This was June and my niece had a baby girl.  Emma really surprised us with her reaction to the new addition.
 I have my photos dated on my computer, so it was no problem going back this far.  I have notes that I tuck in my PL album of things to remember to document if needed.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a great Monday!

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  1. Your PL spread is gorgeous & the crop looks like so much fun!

  2. You went to the crop with the right attitude. I'd be afraid of going and getting nothing done, but you sure looked at it the right way. Fun!

  3. So fun! I love that you let Emma come and stay a while. That photo of her in the VW is hilarious!!!

  4. LOVELY PL spread! Such fun products!!

  5. Beautiful spread.Your Project Life is always amazing.
    And I love the pictures of Emma at your crop. :)

  6. Looks like so much fun!

  7. Your PL pages are always so colorful and happy and fun!

  8. Your profect Life spreads are always so cool to see!


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