Thursday, January 22, 2015

Days 19-25 of Document December with Cocoa Daisy

I know I have said it already, but have to say...even though it was very different working with pages already prepped waiting for journaling and photos, it saved me so much time and made this project so enjoyable.  

I am not overly crazy about my handwriting, especially when it went a little crooked...but letting go of perfection, especially with a project like this, really makes it more fun, letting yourself just express yourself.

 For these last pages leading up to day 25...I started to get creative using tags to hold days and journaling and doubling up on one side of the page...and honestly, it's perfect since you do not have that much on every single day to share.  And leaves plenty of room for more photos on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
 See that wonky handwriting...gotta laugh at myself and keep going...
 I had more photos for this day...Emma got to see another Santa ;) but I felt it took away from the page and made it too just added it in the journaling.

 Time for more honesty...this page and the Santa page above, I probably re-did about 4 times.  The page above, because I felt it was too many photos and distracting in a tiny area...having the one Santa photo gives the eyes the main subject.  And then this one for Christmas celebration is so special and Holy...and then deciding how to show the presents to not conflict too much with the look and feel of the church photo.
 So what I did is put the wrapped presents photo on the 24 page...and then put the presents under the tree from Santa for Christmas worked!
 I wanted lots more journaling on this day...really wanting those left a lot more room for it.
 Our family has gone through so many changes and gotten smaller because of it...after Emma coming into the family, it has been a blessing to see another little one join us and celebrate her first Christmas.  It really was a special day.
 My album grew maybe another half inch or a little more once I started adding the photos, and a little more embellishing...but plenty of room.  My favorite album...I loved this and loved the stretch of creativity it gave me.
Thank you so much to Christine and Cocoa Daisy for having me this year on the team and having me do the class.  I put my heart and soul into the class at Cocoa Daisy, and I hope everyone enjoyed it, and took away at least one thing new.

Christine has been wonderful and such a sweet person.  It was a very hard decision, but January will be my last month with Cocoa Daisy.  I wish them all the best, and thankful for the relationships formed.  But in this world of social media, and the connections really isn't goodbye.

I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the amazing team and company.  Thank you Christine and Cocoa Daisy for everything!

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  1. what a great work !!!! Love all the little details.

  2. this is GREAT! WAY to include some of YOU in your project with your handwriting! ;)

  3. Love love love! What a fantastic album, I am loving that divider page with the trim/stitching!

  4. beautiful! love every heart felt detail! I too cannot stand my handwriting, I commend you for moving forward with this!!!:)

  5. So fun, Patricia! All the details and variety of pages and elements! Love it!! Thank you for the class and sharing your process, ideas, and motivation!

  6. WOWeeeeeee, this is so awesome!


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