Tuesday, January 27, 2015

October Afternoon's December Story

I didn't get to use October Afternoon's December Story kits for my Document December, but I wanted to use it for my Project Life to finish up 2014.

It looks like the kits have sold out, and if you are an October Afternoon fan, you know why.   Congrats if you were lucky to get them!!

Here's what I did.  We started decorating in November...so there's a couple of pages in November where I wanted the the Christmas Story kit to work with.  I felt kind of "off" at first...and the reason why is I finished up November and December differently than the rest of my Project Life.  Instead of weekly, I am trying monthly.

This is Black Friday and then going into the first of Dec...where I felt like I started to get into the groove of this whole month way of documenting.  I used on of October Afternoons smaller pocket pages there on the right to start off December.  
Turning that small pocket page there...and then going into to document December using October Afternoon's 3x3 pocket page...another huge difference as far as Project Life goes for me.  Once I got that first page going, I loved the different look.
The kit comes with 3x3 cards...but I also trimmed down the papers to fit.  This is such a change from my traditional Project Life.  But I really liked this fresh take on it for me.
There's still some of the same photos I used in my Document December project, but I was able to include even more.  I kept it all with a Christmas feel.  The kit worked well with the winter feel of the month.
I printed all the photos I wanted for the whole month of December using the Epson PictureMate.  I have templates in Lightroom and printed them all to fit into the 3x3 pockets.  So was able to work similar to how I would normally with Project Life.  Placed the photos, and then added papers and cards to fill in, then added journaling, stamping, and embellishing.
Loved the stamps and labels that came with the kit...I enjoyed working with my first October Afternoon December Story kit...have always wanted too, and so excited I was able to.
The left side is a full 12x12 page of the 3x3 pockets.  The right is half of the 12x12 page.  I just cut it along the outside of the second row.
Christmas is pretty well documented in my Document December album, so I didn't include a lot of journaling on this last half 12x12 pocket page.  I was able to include some vellum and more embellishing in each pocket...and more photos that didn't get included in my main Document December album.
The back of the half page...between Christmas and New Year's.
Love love that 'to be continued in 2015' card...it was 3x4, so trimmed down to 3x3.  Perfect way to end my 2014 Project Life album.

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  1. All the bright, fun, happy colors are so festive - love it!

  2. Love this idea! You make me want to scrapbook, take better photos, actually print them, then do something with them. If we come down, you have to promise to show me your goodies and craft space. Where do you get those 3x3 pocket pages? I've never seen anything like that.

    1. Hey Amy! Absolutely. But my space is usually a mess! Lol

      Different online stores sell October Afternoon. I see the pocket pages I used at A Cherry on Top. http://www.acherryontop.com/shop/search/october%20afternoon/179860-Pocket%20Sleeves%2012%20x%2012%20-%20Daily%20Flash%20-%20October%20Afternoon But only one left.

  3. Love the to be continued in 2015!
    Yeah I wish I would have at least got the kit without album but I didn't.
    Super cute pages!

  4. Oh I love these pages! Such a perfect collection too, so many great icons and images and I love the soft colors.

  5. Hi Patricia! It's been so long since I visited your blog - - - I have missed it and your inspiration! I love your gorgeous PL pages! They are so full of joyful memories and your beautiful details! I especially like the pocket pages, but definitely LOVE them all!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful memory to have! I wish I had the patience or perseverance to do this but until now I failed to complete an album like this :( . Yours is awesome!!!

  7. Amazing PL pages! Love the colors! The blue really pops!! Hope you are well! And congrats on your new DT gig!!!


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