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December Memories | Gossamer Blue | Days 4-15

Warning, this is a long post!  This is a combination of two catch ups in my album.  I did 4 through 10 one day or night, did my class post for the Gossamer Blue class one day, and then yesterday caught up with 11, 12, 14-15.  I do find that I work better doing it like this as opposed to daily.  

So here's what I have.
My photos and documentation are a little different this year.  It is helping me break the monotony of the project.  Even though it is yearly, I started to feel like it was exactly the same album each year, just different photos, but the same photos.  
I'm going with more imperfect photos.  That top one with the lights and my daughter is completely out of focus, but I kept going back to it because I liked the composition of it, so decided to use it.  Using more iPhone photos this year.  Life is just a little more daughter is in school with more expectations on her in the gifted classes,which means more on us as well, piano practice, ballet.  And I really want to enjoy the season when I have great light, I use the iPhone.  If I don't have great light, I change the photo to black and white, use a RAD Lab preset on it in Lightroom, or use the PicTapGo app.
Most days, like this one, I take lots of photos.  I wanted something for all of us to open to help start the celebration of the season.  So we all got Old Navy plaid shirts.  I debated on using color or black and white on this photo.  I decided on the black and white and even went a little darker than what I usually do.  I like the look.
The star stamps from Gossamer Blue get used a lot.  I love it on the title pages on the calendars.
My planner part is not decorated, but still wanted to show you how it looks.  I'm using it to help me remember what happened on those days, so I can document it when I'm ready.  Don't take the little things for granted...write it down, you will forget.  It helps so much.
I actually screwed up here...the calendar goes from Monday to Sunday, and I'm used to going Sunday to Saturday.  So the 6th day should have been part of week one.  Not something I am that concerned with, and I did a lot to make it start by seeing the photos first, so I was fine leaving it as is.
I didn't want to have a blank page, and then have to turn to a double-page spread, so I cut down page protectors, to include smaller photos over the larger photo in the full-size pocket.  I like adding layers and interesting ways to document like this in my December albums.
I put my journaling on the back with one of the cards from the kit.

One reason I really am enjoying this album even more this year is by adding more everyday type photos.  I feel like I can do it because not everything in the kit is Christmas.  I can also mix in some other Gossamer Blue kits and a few things from my stash.  I printed this photos on vellum to give it a soft look.
I wanted to get a little creative with the backside of this page with my daughter's photo, So I clipped the pattern paper and photo to the protector.
I was able to create a layered look by doing this.

Mixing different sizes of photos is always a great way to break up spreads.  It gives the main photo more focus, and the other photo as just part of the story.
Some spreads I could tweak around more and still not my favorite, but this next one, I just love how it came out.  I think it is because of the mix of is black and white, so the others are more of the focus...and one is smaller than the main photo.  I also did a styled photo of our Christmas cards to include.  It has a lot of white space and adds a nice break to the spread.  The pop of black and red are my favorite as well.

I like this next one as well...and probably because of the photos.  I was so proud of my daughter and I building this Elsa castle.
We loved doing this more than the gingerbread houses we did last year.

Here is another example of everyday type photos...I never include food in my December albums, but this time I did, and I love it.  I even included the recipes to look back on.

Also included some new favorite holiday teas.
More examples of everyday type photos.  I was doing a lot of running around this day, so did a few shots of myself.  And the photo of the restaurant is darker than what I would normally do, but I really like the effect it gives...the telephone lines are also creating a great visual line to the little house.

I decided to use the paper snowflake on this next spread that my daughter and made the first week in December as part of her Advent bag of things to do.  It was the perfect spot with the photo of the children's choir at church.  I made the other photos black and white so that photo could stand out more.

This spread and how it came together is part of the class at Gossamer Blue.

This is the first time I've included my daughter's wishlist.  She usually already knows and has told us, but this year she really went back and forth a lot.  I asked her to write it down for me so I could include in the album, and, of course, she changed her mind again.  ;)
I adhered the note and pattern paper to the back of the calendar.  Typed my journaling on the card, and then adhered and clipped it to the wishlist.  Added a label sticker and 'ho ho ho' to the wishlist as well.  Then added a tree clip at the top.  I wasn't sure about this spread, but after it was complete, I liked how it came out, and love that her note is in here.
The next page starts back with the page protectors.  I made the photo black and white since I have so much neutral here, and helps to have just the red color to pop.  The photo is Santa's workshop that we purchased from Michael's.  It went well with her wishlist to Santa.
I'm including more memorabilia in this album.  I saved some flyers and books of things we have loved this year.  The snowman from Bath and Body works is repeated, but really like the look it gives to finish this spread.  The booklets, coupons, and magazines for the holidays are so fun...
I cut the pages from books, layered them, and then stitched them to the page protector.
When you lift them all up, you can see the journaling for this day.
That is it so far!  
I mentioned in my first post, that I didn't take a full shot of the here's what it looks like.
And I couldn't help but notice how chunky the album is getting already.  I haven't made one chunky in awhile.  Just hoping I can close it by the end of day 25!  LOL  The album is wide enough it looks like it can hold it.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you have a great week, and are able to get some scrapping in!

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