Friday, January 22, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Pink Paislee and the American Crafts Family

I will never forget getting the invitation to join the American Crafts team in 2012.  I had really just started to come out of my private hole of scrapbooking, and getting myself out there for publishing, and really enjoying the community of scrapbookers.  It was a wonderful two years spent with AC.  I cannot thank AC and Paige Evans enough for the opportunity.

Then in 2014, I took a chance and put in for the Pink Paislee call.  Right after that, Pink Paislee was bought out by American Crafts, but the owner, Rebecca, was still heavily involved and you knew the the company she and her husband built, was still her baby.  I learned so much from being on Rebecca's team.  It was an amazing experience of growing, and I'm so thankful for the two years with her and her team.

It was such a shock to see Rebecca leave PP and AC.  To be honest, she always intimidated me a little bit, but in a good way.  She was such an amazing business woman, and I know her new personal and business goals will be even more amazing.

I was so honored to be asked back for a third year with Pink Paislee, but I knew it was the right time to leave.  With so much change with Rebecca leaving, and I was feeling a pull to be more creative in other areas, I had to make the hard decision to not accept another year.

I will admit that Pink Paislee was probably my most favorite team to be on.  I felt like it was such a good fit for me.

So after leaving Pink Paislee, that will end my work with American Crafts after four years.  It feels a little weird because I had been with them from the start of my scrapbooking 'career.'

I know that it has not been by accident that God has placed the people, crafters, and business people in my path.  I am still amazed at the opportunities I have been blessed with.

I am not slowing down.  At times, I may not feel motivated or not have the mojo, but that is normal...I still have to create, document, have fun...this is such a social hobby.  I've always said, even if I didn't scrapbook, I would do Project Life.  But knowing me...I'd still do it all.  It is me, it is a good fit!  I'm excited to see what this year will bring with the current teams I am on, and excited to learn and hone my skills in both the hobby and photo styling.

And if anyone is still reading...I want to share some of my work Pink Paislee over the past too years to end this long post ;)

Hard to pick favorites, sorry so long...I really loved all the products and projects with Pink Paislee.  My top favorite collections are always their summer or beach collections.  But another favorite that I will keep everything from that collection is Bella Rouge.  Mad crush on this collection.

Been an amazing journey...thank you Rebecca and AC.

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