Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Journey Girl Locket | RG

If you live in an area where the time jumped ahead, hope you are getting back into a groove.  Seems that one hour can make a difference.  But happy to start having longer days.  Not happy to have a little too much of 'me' and getting back to being more consistent with exercising and taking care of myself.  I may not be completely ready for the warmer months, but my mind is there!

I have a post today to share with you another way to dress up your Journey Locket from Fun Stampers Journey.  You can find my first post and video on decorating the Journey Locket here.

One locket is mine and the other is my daughter's.  Both are the small lockets.

Chevrons may not be 'in' as much as they were before, but I still love the classic, modern, and stylish look of them.    The stitched die from Richard’s new Lumberjack Days collection gave me the inspiration.  The die is a pocket die with two (stitched) piercings for added detail.  The piercing look is so hot right now with dies.  Love the look from them.  

For more inspiration on how I have used that pocket and stitched die, click here.  I love getting the most from my supplies, and am finding that Richard’s collections are designed in such a way, that I am able to create in many different ways and styles. 

I started by picking my cardstock colors.  I wanted one to be playful and fun, and the other to be more monochromatic.  A 1" circle will fit inside the locket, but I find that I get a better fit by tracing from one of the glass pieces, and cutting my circle.  Not a perfectly cut circle, BUT you won't see the edges once inside the locket because of the close fit.

I die cut the chevron (stitched) piercing die from the Lumberjack Days pocket die for a total of two times (the die has two stitched lines and I need three), then I trimmed as close as possible around the stitched piercing.

Next, I used just a tiny bit of Journey Glaze to adhere the points of the chevrons in the center of my cut circle, then trimmed off the excess.  (I put my points in the center, but I think off-setting the points would be a really cool look as well).

With your locket open (the front is the part with the jewels), place your first glass inside the back of the locket, then your creation, the spacer, the second glass, and then close your locket.  Wiggle or rotate that spacer to get it to fit as best you can if needed.  This is why my circle for my creation is a little less than 1" to make room for it.  Your locket is closed when the loops from the back of the locket and the loop from the front of the locket close completely to form one loop for your chain to fit through.

This is such a simple creation, but it creates such a stylish and trendy look to your locket.  It really gives the locket a completely different look.

I did not put charms on the inside of this.  I wanted the design to be clean.  But I think a small charm, like one of the heart charms would be really cute with this especially with the green and pink design.  You could also put one of the decorative plates over this and have the chevrons peeking through.

I love the simplicity of this, but also love the added texture this creates.  Would be fun to experiment with different colors as well.  The blue monochromatic one could be changed to more of an ombre effect.  For other ideas on how to decorate your locket, stop by the Richard Garay blog to see what the rest of the team has created, and stop my blog post here for another how to and video.

I feel like I'm ready for shorts or maxie dresses, sandals, and a pedicure.  Then all I need to finish the look is my necklace.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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