Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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The Richard Garay team asked that the team share their workspace.  I will be honest and say it is not my favorite spot in the house.  When I started scrapbooking, I started at the kitchen table.  Then moved to a corner of the office, then the dining room, and now the old workout room (which is why the room is brown).  It has been on my wishlist to redecorate the room, and thankfully that will happen this year.  So until then, welcome to my space.

As you walk in, I have an office chair where my old eight-year old MacBook Pro sits along with a small Epson printer and the Silhouette cameo.  Further down on that table I have cubes from Target and Michael's.  On the top cubes, I have the new Richard Garay collections in a basket.  I save little pieces I've made for other projects.  Just never know when you can use it again.  I like to re-use things as much as I can too.

Then next to the basket I have the steel rule dies from the new collections.  To keep them covered and protected, I keep them in the packaging.  I cut off the top so that they will slide out easily.  

Then you turn to the right, and that is where I work.   Although, I am usually spread out all over the place ;)

This is leftovers of what I was working on last week for the pretty packaging project.

I use containers from Target that I found in the kitchen section to hold my inks.

I have another container to hold the first Celebra'tions collection.  Any team I have been on, I keep everything organized by collections.  But eventually I would like to separate them further by stamps and dies.

I keep my stamping blocks close so I can grab them when I need them.  I like to have things at arms length as I work.  I also keep the silks, washi tape, and the Bloom Tool in the same container.

I have a few more cubes on the shelf to the right of my desk.  This one holds the plates for the Fun Stampers Journey Platinum die cutting machine.  And that gives me some spots to hold my FSJ Journey Girl planner as well.

Soon I will be taking everything out of this room, painting it, and then ordering the Ikea furniture I have picked out already.  My daughter shares this room with me, so she and I both will have new desks and units to organize better, but most importantly, have a pretty space to create in.

Thanks for stopping by!  Looking forward to sharing my new space later in the year!

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