Thursday, July 21, 2016

Remembering My Archie Boy | Gossamer Blue

This was the first layout I did using the Gossamer Blue July kits after losing my boy, Archie.  It was so hard to do, but the kits helped.  I picked favorites from the kits.  Couldn't hardly see as I did typing from crying.  One of the last pictures of Archie.  And I am so thankful to have them.  I took extra photos that I probably would not have because I was doing the Ali Edwards A Week in a Life.

Yes, 21 years old he was!  This is him when he was little with our female cat, Daisy.  We lost her when she was 15, six years ago.  Back then the Internet really wasn't something everyone did, and we did not have the information to know how to introduce them.  BUT, I think they really played more, well aggravated either other too...they just tolerated each other.  :)  We got Daisy first and then Archie.   He was so little, they both were here!

Archie really only had eyes for me.  He was really more my cat.  If he saw me, he would run to me, or be by me all the time.  He loved to be held like a baby.  He would stay like that as I walked around the house.  I think he really got spoiled by being on my lap, both him and Daisy, when I hurt my foot and had to get off of it...yay, lap time for them!

He could still turn on me every now and then.  I think mostly because of his quirky ways.  Him and Daisy both were not good with other people...him more than Daisy.  It was so bad at the vet that the vet suggested that since they are indoors to not stress them with vet visits unless absolutely necessary.

Both of them were found wondering the streets and brought to a vets office.  We had them both when were in the apartment, then built our house, and then when we did the pool and screen, it was whole new world for them.  They loved enjoying being outside on the rock, trying to get lizards, squirrels, rabbits.

This was taken in May of this year.  I knew Archie wasn't himself for awhile.  I looked back on old Project Life, and saw notes from 2013 of something going on with him.  2014 is when things really started to happen, but just like before, and especially with a cat, they seemed to be just things I noticed.  Cats hide any kind of pain so well.  The vet knew and we knew how stressful a visit was for him, and with his age, I felt very protective of him.  I will still wonder if I did the right thing.  I will never get over that.  But he never had to go through what Daisy went through at his old age.  And I have to have peace about that.

I took this photo when he had his first fall over and couldn't get back up.  I knew it would be time soon, not just because of the fall, but he had been looking so bad...his eyes.  I could tell he wasn't feeling or doing well, but then again he would eat, drink, poop and pee.  I would see him and talk to him and tell him you don't look so good it time?  Always gave him a kiss and loved on him.  It wasn't until he had had another couple of bad falls back to back trying to use the step stool to get on the bed.  I caught him on his last fall and he howled...and my heart sank.  I screamed for Dennis to come.  I talked to the vet we had had during our difficult time with Daisy.  We could have done blood work just to know.  And I regret not knowing everything that was going on with him, but at the same time I knew he had multiple things going on, and more that I discovered after seeing the vet.  He wasn't himself at all.  My Archie boy was hanging on, and I was too.  I really didn't want to let him go, but I was feeling a strong feeling that I needed to be a responsible pet owner and honor him by letting him go.  We could have done what we could for him, but it would be just selfish to keep him, and they would have probably kept him for 48 hours for one issue and then continuous medical attention after that.

I carried him into the vets office.  That is how bad he was.  We never needed the kennel.  He never meowed, hissed, bit, clawed.  My heart was so broken.  He was ready, I was not.  I miss him everyday.  The bond that we had was so special and unique.  My sweet boy...

Emma and Dennis were there, but left the room while we had our last time together with him on my lap.  The vet helped distract Emma with the office's three-legged cat and it made Emma stop crying and smiling instead right away.

The house is empty, with a huge empty hole in my heart.  I still have my Archie moments as I call them.  Missing my boy.

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  1. Oh, Patricia, my heart breaks for you! I felt the same way during the last 1.5 years of our heart pug's life. You see, Lexi, was my girl too, where I went, she went; nothing was as good as being in Mama's lap and wonder if we did right by her. We did take her to the vet and she endured endless tests (scans), blood draws, treatments (surgery, chemo, accupuncture) and think you did right by Archie (he would have been so stressed.

    You were lucky to have him for 21 years but despite that it is never easy to lose a furbaby. You probably have many memories and more tales to tell of his antics (in your scrapbooking/PL pages) to make you smile. He was one lucky cat to have found you! Hugs.

  2. So sorry about your little one. Such a sweet layout. I love the grid design and how you used the little tags at the top.


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