Friday, October 07, 2016

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Happy Friday!  The past few weeks have been an adjustment for me, and when I get too busy, I find I don't take enough photos or document little or big things.

So I sat down yesterday and played in my Fun Stampers Journey personal size planner to do jot down what has been happening.

I have always struggled a little bit with making my planner useful and pretty.  Using my planner and making it something pretty to share are two different things...LOL  So I did some pinning from Pinterest, and looked at some of my favorite planner girls.  The ones that stand out to me the most are the ones that make their planner useful first.  All important details are there.  But they just add some little bits to make their planner fun.

I have always used my planner to look back on to help me when I do my pocket pages or my memory planner.  So making it useful and pretty are a win/win.  Here is how it came together:

  • I stamped onto washi tape planner stamps that went with my list for that day, or one of the items on my list.
  • I jot down to-do's, things that happened, or little notes in a list format using either circles, triangles, or squares.  (I haven't mastered yet what category each list will get, but it was a start), then I color them in, this adds color to a blank page.
  • Then I start filling in with more stamps, and washi tape.  (This is a fun time to look at your stamps in different ways and use them for encouragement or to tell what's happening now.)

Looking through my Pinterest board of colors, I picked red, orange, yellow/green with some blue/aqua, green, and a hint of purple.  To really pull out those colors, I used the steel rule die tabs and then stitched them together.  I can tuck things into the pockets it created, like I did with the clips, but I also went another step further, and die cut a heart from the top part so that it peeks through to the other side.  Then I added stamping to my newly created divider.

  • To help fill in with more color, I die cut small circles and cut them in half.  
  • Another fun tip to make your planner fun and colorful is to use colored pencils to doodle a little around die cuts or your lists.

I know I'm not alone in thinking my life isn't all that exciting to document like this.  But if you like to get creative and play with no rules, decorating your planner is the way to go.

Happy creating and have a great weekend.

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  1. Love, love, love that tricolor page, so striking!


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