Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week of Oct 24 Planner | FSJ

My daughter asked me this morning how many days before Halloween!  I don't feel as prepared or ready for it as I have in the past, but I'm enjoying it as much as I can.  Watching Halloween movies on Sunday, and a few more this weekend, and then I finally caved and bought the skeleton cat at Target...EEK!  Love him!

And speaking of love...hello new gorgeous Fun Stampers Journey gold planner!  Not really just gold either...the outside is more of a rose gold and the inside is a richer gold.  Seeing it in person vs. in the catalog is a big difference.  I love orange and almost got the orange planner, but when I got this one, I knew I did the right thing!

And there's more to love when it comes to decorating your planner for the holidays, especially Halloween!  I combined lots of the Fun Stampers Journey Halloween stamps and dies, but also used some of the new planner stamps and dies.

This was a really super quick entry, my desk looks like it exploded, but with planners it really is fun to just make and don't think.  Just have fun.  Not a super busy week, but little things I want to remember, so jotted those down.  The new gel pens are seriously amazing!  I have a pen fetish and have tried other gel pens, no others compare to the FSJ ones.  So smooth, and very visible.  I used silver here.  I also used the new highlighter (orange)!!

I did a quick little witches boot filled with sequins...messy stitching, but goes right along with Halloween.  I have had my eye on this die since last year, and so glad to finally have it.

So since this week is still in going...I only prepped the other side...did a partial spider web stamp, more Halloween stamping and dies, along with planner stamps.

Hope every enjoys the week, weekend, and Halloween!  Be safe!

Pretty Gold Personal Planner
Whip Cream Journey Days Charming Bookmark
Journey Days Charm Star
Journey Days Rock Candy Tassel
Storage Dangles
Tape It Stamp Set
Petal Clips
Check It Stamp Set
Fab Tabs
Planner Sketch Stamp Set
Bam Notes Stamp Set
Outline Clips
Page Huggers
Just Write Gels
Bright Lights
Fun Day Elements
Journey Girl Stripes
Monster Mash Stamp Set
Monster Mash Die Set
Which Witch Stamp Set
Which Witch Die Set
Widows Web Stamp
Jack O Lantern Stamp Set
Jack O Lantern Die Set
Chubby Witch Boot Die Set
Rock Candy Ink
Black Licorice Ink
Journey Sequins Special Celebration

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  1. wow--this is SO fun and AMAZING--LOVE this SOOO much!!

  2. Too fun! I love the witched legs, and then the stitched shoe too, so clever!


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