Wednesday, December 07, 2016

2016 Document December - Days 2-6

I think I mentioned that this is my first time using the Travelers Notebook?  Well, I love this format!  Perfect for documenting the month, but I can also see how this is a great way to do memory keeping throughout the year as well.  Small and doesn't take up too much!

The more I dug into the notebook, the more I would bend the album back and manipulate it to be able to add machine stitching.  So that is what I did with the Starbucks bag above, just added a few stitches at the top and bottom, avoiding the staples.

Anything goes for this album!  Using a lot of the planner stamps, and then below used one of the large stencils to sponge on Lemongrass ink.

Here is another example of getting comfortable with the album and moving it to be able to stamp the background with the dots.   And having the pre-made stamps and dies ahead makes this quick to put together.

I have also realized I can double up on the pages, in other words, I adhere two pages together to make them thicker and so you don't have the see-through from the previous page.  This allows me to be able to stitch directly onto a page like I did below.  I added straight lines.  I like the texture and the design the set for a page.

I know you can download templates for your Travelers Notebooks, but I just printed my photo to about the size of the page, trimmed it and then adhered it to my page.  For our Christmas card, I stitched it as close to the seam as possible using a zipper foot on my sewing machine.

Stitching our Christmas card like this does make it a little difficult for the following page to lie flat, but I like the interactive look and being able to see both sides of the card.

That's it for today!  Again, really loving this format, makes it very simple to put together and I feel I can include more of the everyday that happens within December.  All those iPhone photos get to good use.

All supplies:  Fun Stampers Journey

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  1. This is fabulous, Patricia!

  2. Such a great mini, I really love that you included that Starbucks bag!


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