Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Document December - Days 9-25

I have to admit, for a minute or two I contemplated not finishing this album this year.  For two reasons, one, I hadn't taken as many photos, and two, I was having a hard time being happy during the holiday.  But this is one of the albums that each year Emma will look through, and I thought how important it is that I continue the tradition.  So that was my motivation and once I sat down for the two days to finish this, I was on a roll.

I realized I did not have enough pages to keep doubling the pages, so any stitching I did off the page. For example, on day 9 I added the stitching to the pattern papers I made with stamps and embossing folder first before adhering.  The high on that day was 54 and it felt wonderful, the cats loved it as well!

Another thing that has helped me get this album done and remember what took place is using my FSJ personal planner.  I didn't decorate it for the holidays, but just jotted down anything that happened so I could remember, especially if I didn't have photos.

I can tend to be slow and push things around, but for this I usually make a decision and go.  Each page isn't special, the whole album is, so I just keep building on that idea rather than getting too bogged down with one page.

So glad I had pre-stamped and die cut ahead it helped a lot.  And I love the way the different washi tapes add to the pages.

Some pages were more simple, and others had a little more layers.  The silks work great on the pages, just let them dry before turning the page.

Anything on my desk is a free-for-all when I'm working to accomplish a big project.  I loved the way the Magical Journey stickers looked for this page.

Day 15 was a day I did not have a photo, but I had the note I (I mean Stinky, the Elf) wrote a note to Emma.  So I included that here.

When I could, I doubled up on the days as I did on days 16 and 17.

I saved this for a day I did not have photos.  I had kept the American Girl catalog, the Hallmark card with gift card, and the Target catalog.  So I cut them up to use for this day.  The Hallmark card I used as a pocket for Emma's lists and drawings of what she wanted.

I made the little FSJ boot that matched perfectly with the Target gift bags and made sure to have an extra to put in the album.

I wasn't sure how to do day 20.  I wondered about stitching a pocket page in here, but my album is too full and it ripped.  I don't have a template, so I just printed my photos to about 1" to make my own collage.

I had a couple of big photos I wanted to include, so adhered them together and attached with washi tape.

I videoed my daughter's Christmas recital but failed to snap a photo, so I scanned the program, printed it and added it to my page.

We are still trying to get our two cats to get along, and the 22nd was not a good day.  I was surprised I did have one photo and it was a really nice one of Boo, my bossy, instigator of the fights sweet girl.  Since I didn't have a lot, I was able to double up again and add the 23rd on the next page.

I went all day on Christmas Eve and did not take photos.  We ended up making an unexpected trip to the grocery store and prepping to stay home for Christmas so the day was out of what was planned.  But I did snap a photo of Emma pressing her homing device snowflake for Santa.  Having just the one photo was perfect because it left more room to journal.

I had been saving the pre-stamped map and triangles just for this page too, so glad I had the room for it!

And Christmas day...I took photos that morning but did not the rest of the day.  Dennis, Emma and I didn't get a lot of sleep, and it was a long long morning (LOL) and day.  I was ready to snuggle in for the Doctor Who special that night.  But the photos I got of Emma are priceless and so glad I got them.  The photo of my SIL leaving was from the following day, but it fit well here.

I had a few pages leftover, so I added a lot of journaling of the details.  I wanted day 25 to be left as is, so worked out great having the pages.  Really how awesome would it be to have this to look back on...I cherish any card with my Mother's or Dad's handwriting, so I know Emma will love this.

I love pocket pages, but have done those for this album for four years, so this was a really nice change, lots of freedom, and overall quicker for me to work with.  Now I need another one!  Thinking about using it to document throughout the year along with the pocket pages.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year!!  I'm thinking my Word for the year will be BELIEVE.  I have a lot I need to believe in so that will make a great start to my next Travelers Notebook and/or pocket page album.

If you have any questions about specific products or how I did something, please ask me.  Everything I used is from Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ).  Click here to see the entire 2016 album.  Click here to shop at Fun Stampers Journey.

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  1. I'm really loving this year's DD, wonderful simplicity to the layouts and I love those big numbers!

  2. super inspiring--THANK you!!


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