Friday, December 02, 2016

2016 Document December

I am so excited to do another Document December this year and even more excited to do it with Fun Stampers Journey.  The first thing I had to do was decide which format.  I have always done a pocket page format, but this year, I really wanted to change it up and use the Travelers Notebook.  Then the next decision was colors to use.  I started out die cutting a lot of red, grey and white, but then I started to mix in some blue and pink and have some green in here as well.  Gold and silver are a big color choice as well for this album.  I use containers from Target to organize all my dies and pre-made pattern papers.

I did lots of stamping and die cutting with matching does or fussy cutting.  Did a variety of colors with the stockings, trees, etc.  But for the flowers below, I stayed with pink and green.  We have no snow here, and sometimes wearing shorts for Christmas, between our weather and also not everyday I document will be all about Christmas, I always make sure to have non-Christmas items ready to go.  I'm looking out the window now at flowers just like these.

Lots of tabs from the Fab Tabs steel rule die, also in a variety of colors, ready to be stamped on or used as is.

Have my numbers ready for each day.

Lots of other die cutting of shapes that I will use throughout and again some very Christmas specific and some not.

So I have my tray to look through when I pull out my album, but also have this bin from Target, as well, that holds catalogs or cards that either inspire me or that have things I want to cut and use inside my album.  I like to use these little things because it is what we are "into" at this time and is fun to look back on.  The card is from Hallmark and I couldn't throw it out, a Starbucks bag, Emma's wishlist, and her drawings of items to remind me exactly what they look like to get her ;)

Now onto the album.  I did the cover pretty simple because of the material and I like to be able to slide these albums on and off the shelf without too many things to worry about falling off.  But I did adhere the wood piece and sequins.  I colored the wood piece with gold Silk.

I kept the inside cover simple as well.  Used Silver Splash on the cover, then Whip Cream sponged onto the embossed "hello," stamped "merry and bright," then added the holly, sequins, and pom poms.

That first page in any album is always a little awkward for me...I don't want to start documenting on this page, but I need something, so did a little masking and stamping.  The '2016' is from my stash.

I really wanted something fun and elaborate with the numbers...took some thinking and playing around, but finally, when I looked at the jingle bell wreath in our kitchen, I had my idea!  Love how it came out.

And this was yesterday, Day 1!  Cannot believe it is here!  So yes, this is a big project to undertake and is a labor of love.  But for me, I do it because it helps me enjoy the holidays, look for the good each day, remember details, and kind of keeps my sanity as well.  LOL  It is my favorite project to do and so happy again to be doing it this year with Fun Stampers Journey.

Time won't allow me to list every single supply with a link that I use throughout this album, but please ask me any questions and I'll be happy to help.  Here is a link to shop at Fun Stampers Journey though to get you started.

Thank you as always for stopping by and hoping you are enjoying your holidays!

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  1. Wonderful elements and start! I always love to see how your albums come together!


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