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Jan 2017 Memory Keeping | Traveler Notebook

I can't remember when I have had this long of a MIA from blogging.  But life is different now, still adjusting to working for Fun Stampers Journey and trying to still have enough mojo left to create for myself.

Scrapbook layouts have been great for documenting, but terrible for storing.  If you put them in albums, they take up so much room.  I stopped doing albums, and started just slipping them into page protectors and large containers to store in my closet a few years back.  And every now and then I pull them out to look at or I can even go to some online galleries to look as well.  I have always gone back and forth with 12x12 and 8.5x11 layouts, but I have recently been doing more 6x8 to fit the large page protectors for pocket scrapbooking.  LOVED the smaller format!  Then for my December Memories last year, I used a Traveler's Notebook for the first time, and fell in love with that format as well.  So I decided for 2017 memory keeping, I will mostly do the Traveler's Notebook, but I do want to mix in pocket pages and even my larger planner as a memory planner.  And since all of this is smaller than traditional scrapbooking, easier to keep out and enjoy, and easier to store!

So my first go for documenting through the year using the Traveler's Notebook.  I'm using the one by Fun Stampers Journey (I'll put a better link once I can).   I'm using a mix of Fun Stampers Journey stamps, because now I am spoiled by red rubber vs. polymer, and a few other tidbits from FSJ to go along with the Gossamer Blue Planner kits.  The kits give me a little personal play time away from work so to speak (LOL), but they are also perfect for documenting.

I had a rough start to be honest with this being new, and I was at a crop...which you know how that is...more talk than doing.  So I completely forgot this was starting a new year and just jumped I went back and added at least the year and goals stickers.  I'm not a resolution type person, but I always pick a One Little Word...mine is Believe.

And here is me just absentmindedly jumping in.  I'm applying a lot of what I learned from Heidi Swapp in 2007 when she taught me how to scrapbook...glue and go.  Time is an issue, so I need this to be quick, and to be fun.

My photo taking has suffered as well with working now...I get so absorbed in what I'm doing, that I just don't do it.  So I have to be mindful...almost like doing December Memories or A Week in the Life...stop and take a photo.  I'm obsessed with the Jamberry wraps and gels, and Emma definitely needed glasses, very near she picked out some cute ones.

Cooking was always a little hit or miss with me ;) but every now and then I want to try some recipes. Problem is Emma usually won't eat it.  She is super picky...that 'whateves' sticker on the left page above says it all from her response to my homemade loaded baked potato soup.

Oh, my fur babies...they have brought me so much happiness and tears...but when I try to see the bigger picture, definitely more happiness, and I take any little bit of positives of them attempting to get along.  Lily will be 2 this May so I am hoping with her maturity things will get better.  We agreed as a family no one is leaving and we will keep trying, but that work is really on me.  It wears me out, but is priceless to have them here.

And Emma got her glasses and can see!  We had no idea her vision was so bad...everything was so new to her.  And then I was off to the CHA Creativity show to work with Richard Garay and the Journey team.  I said it last year, and will say it again, it has always been my dream to work the tiring as it can be, it just pumps me up to be around so many amazing people.  And the icing on the cake is being able to see other friends from the industry.  There's just one other person I really wish I had gotten a photo with and that is Nina Yang from Waffle Flower.  Time just got away.

Teamwork has always excited me...corny, I know...but I love shiny, happy people...

I don't know if I have ever shared on my blog...but the past few years when I have flown out, I pass out on the plane, and usually have an accident on myself...yes...not fun and completely embarrassing.  I do have hypoglycemia, BUT I know I have eaten I don't know if it is my anxiety, which is definitely worse than ever with my age and hormones, or the change in air pressure...or a combination.  But I have  been proactive and buy orange juice when I get across security so I don't have to wait on the attendant as I'm about to go out...good grief, huh?  But I did great this time!

And oh these sweet little memories...Emma getting a new pair of shoes while I was away (ha) but so her.

We always celebrate Chinese New Year with a red envelope and Trey Yuen for dinner.

I had just these last two pages to finish, but didn't happen at the finished up yesterday and now have almost all of February done as well.  Again just love those stickers and the little labels above the photo on the right.  I used those to jot down a little something about the photo...

And now to clean up and get creative with Fun Stampers Journey...ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS something fun happening with FSJ!  Hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoying some weather, crafting, or relaxing...

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  1. Love this idea for memory keeping. Glad that you've still got time to do some creating!


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