Friday, July 14, 2017

Gel Press and Project Me from Fun Stampers Journey

Okay, so when I saw that Fun Stampers Journey was coming out the the Gel Press, I couldn't wait to get a hold of it along with the new paints and play!  Mixed media is something I really got into when I first started scrapbooking and crafting.  I did more art journals when I started.  So anything mixed media is something that still gets me so excited.  The FSJ press is nice and large too.  It is 8.5x11.  I love that we have the large one because since you are working with paint and cleaning up in between...this really allows you to get a lot more impressions depending on the size cardstock you use.   Why this is so great, is because you will have all these different prints ready to use later when you sit down to create with them!

For these cards, I really played a lot with the impressions.  But you can make them as simple or detailed with layers as you want.  Richard did some great projects and video sharing what he did on his Facebook Page here.

I used the new paint colors Lemon Drop, Bubble Gum, and Citrus Cooler.  I usually stay within a color family and will even mix them slightly on my press, but this time, I wanted more layers.  So I did them separate, which meant more cleaning in between, but I loved the look I got.  

First layer - Used brayer to lightly apply Bubble Gum, pressed (stamped) Create-a-Dot background stamp into gel press and paint randomly.   Pressed my cardstock into it.

Second layer - Used brayer to lightly apply Citrus Cooler, then die cut and placed Pennant Fun and Circle Film Die onto press.  Pressed the same cardstock above into it.  Removed the die cuts, and pressed a fresh piece of cardstock into it.

Third layer - Used brayer to lightly apply Lemon Drop directly onto the new Fluttering Hearts Gel Impression.  Then pressed the same cardstock with first and second layers, into it.  I did this because I found the yellow was too intense if I applied to gel press, pressed impression in it and then pressed cardstock.  This way I get more of the hearts in yellow to show rather than covering too much of the background.

For this card I used two impressions I got from doing the above layers.  I used the darker colored impression for the center circle.

For the sentiment on this card I used the new In the Family stamp set.

You really want to use up all that paint and make lots of different backgrounds, so I had very little paint left on the press and it was getting dry, so I spritzed it with water and pressed another piece of cardstock into it.  I used that piece here and is why it looks a little like watercolor.

Seriously love the possibilities with the press.  On both cards I used the Too Cute stamp from the Project Me collection.  I left them uncolored since I did so much on the background, and I like the contrast of black and white.  For the sentiment on this card I used the Take Action and Snap Corks  from Project Me.  The washi I used on this card is a Bloom Benefit you can get when you shop at FSJ.

The first card I made for my daughter for her birthday.  I had lots of impressions from playing and used them for another project I'll share next week!  Thank you for stopping by.  Be sure to subscribe to the Fun Stampers Journey blog to see more inspiration!

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  1. Really pretty colors!
    And I am super impressed with how you photograph your cards.
    I can never get good shots of my cards!


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