Monday, July 17, 2017

Gel Press and Project Me from Fun Stampers Journey

Hello!  I'm back for another post using the new Gel Press from Fun Stampers Journey!  My first post is here.  I did the same techniques I mentioned there and used them here for my scrapbook layout and pockets for this project.

For my layout, I trimmed the Gel Press background I created and adhered the large piece to the top and the small piece to the bottom.

So cool to create your own prints to use for projects like this.  I die cut in Whip Cream cardstock the branch to add some texture and direction from title to photo.  I layered some Licorice Sparkle tape, the Bloom Benefit tape, and heart clip by my photo.

I used the adorable Too Cute stamp set along with the Take Action stamp for my title.  The Brad Bursts are perfect with my colors and my theme.  Layered the large one right in the middle of the Project Me Snap Corks.

Then for the pocket page, I trimmed a 3x4 piece, die cut the Heart Film Die, embossed Journey White onto Black Licorice cardstock, detail cut, and stapled and adhered to the card.  I didn't have to trim any excess from the heart.  Turning it on its side like this, it slipped right into the pocket just fine.

If you remember from my first post, I had a card with a background that looked a little more like watercolor.  The reason for that was because after so many impressions, the leftover paint can start to dry quickly, so a quick spray of water will reactivate it and also make it look a little watery.  I love the look I have from the smooches of paint here.  I did stamp directly onto the background with Rock Candy, and just quickly heat set it, and then let it dry completely on its own before slipping this through the pocket.  Our ink is oil based and permanent on any surface.

I used the Remember Today and the Date Me stamp set here, along with some of the Bloom Benefit washi tape you can get when shopping at FSJ.  I finished that card off with some fun dots.

This pocket is probably my most favorite from my page.  I love the layers and textures of color from the press, the white space, the stamping, journaling, small photo and washi.  It just all flows so well together with lots of color and texture, and still capturing a memory.

And just wanted to add in case you are curious and maybe new to scrapbooking, I use an old Brother Student-Riter II that my Mom always left out on the dining room table when I was a kid.  In high school, I used it to learn to type.  When she passed, I took the typewriter and one day decided to pull it down and put it to use again.  Funny thing is I couldn't find the regular font cartridge.  I wasn't too crazy about the script, but apparently my Mom was.  She would type us little notes and mail to us using this same font, so it may not be the prettiest, coolest typewriter to anyone else but me.  You can definitely use your computer and print directly onto your pages or cards.  I just love the look of the typewriter though, even if it gets imperfect.

I do add some stitching sometimes to my scrapbooking, and have a pretty fancy Baby Lock sewing machine, but if you do not have one, and would like to add this technique to your pages, an expensive one would be perfect.

One last thing, I just had an email asking about how I get the small white borders around my photos, so I thought I would also respond here about how I do this.  I use Lightroom to edit and print my photos.  I have several different templates to print in different sizes.  I have a quick little tutorial on this blog post here.   I do print from home and currently use a Canon MG7520 printer.  To get the border, I line up my photo in my trimmer and leave about an 1/8 to a 1/4 or as much or as little as I want and trim.  If you send your photos off somewhere to print, you could crop your photos and then mat with cardstock to get the same look.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  And I hope you catch Richard to see all of his projects and videos using the new Gel Press.

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