Thursday, October 12, 2017

Planner as a Card Organizer | Card | Steel Rule Die

I am very inspired by product and like to find different ways to get more use than the intended purpose.  I have a few ideas besides using the Fun Stampers Journey A5 planners and the A5 Page Creator Steel Rule die just for planners.  I created a card organizer!  This would be great too for bills, recipes, or as a memory planner!

I am starting with just three categories of cards:  All Occasion, Birthday, and Holiday.  I used the A5 Page Creator die to create a divider and a place to label each category.  Instead of using the full die cut page, I trimmed it down.  The die also creates these three different shaped tabs.  Using my typewriter (or you could use your computer and print or even handwrite), I labeled each one.  Then using a white liner sheet and clear view, I adhered one side of the white liner to the clear view sheet I trimmed down to just die cut the tabs, then peeled the other backing off the white liner and secured over the printed paper tabs.  Stapled those in place.  Adding the clear view over it gives the printed paper tab more stability.

Your fun planner accessories are still a perfect touch to your card organizer.  Don't forget to make a pretty label for your organizer as well.

I made four different pockets.  This first one is the full die cut with about a half of an inch trimmed from bottom, then folded and lined up with the holes.  Apply white liner strips along the edges to seal, leaving your pocket open at the top.

This next pocket using a full die cut sheet again with a second page die cut to trim in half to line up to the holes and adhere again on all sides leaving the pocket at the top open.

I got two pockets out of this one by using that other half from the second sheet to line up and adhere to the back as well.

The next pocket, I die cut two pages from the same printed paper.  On one, I lined up the corners in my trimmer and trimmed leaving me with this angled pocket.  I adhered the same way as the others.

All of my dividers match the same printed paper I used for the pockets.  Gives the organizer lots of layers.

This last pocket, I die cut two pages, trimmed one and adhered creating a vertical pocket the length of the die cut page.

You could really jazz up these pages with other printed paper or even cardstock and decorate with stamping.  I added just a little bit of washi here and there because I actually love the way my cards dress up the pockets!

After die cutting all those pages and tabs, you end up with more tabs leftover to use for another project.  I decided to use those leftover tags and create a card!

Using Pineapple Smoothie cardstock as my panel, I adhered the same shaped tab in a diagonal pattern.  As I adhered, I also turned them around, alternating their design.  Some like the rectangle, doesn't apply ;) But for the tab shape and the half circle, I did.  Then I used the half circle shape to create a butterfly in the center!  I stamped the center piece onto the tag and let the top (wing) stay open.  For the die cut branch, I used a piece I had played with earlier using the gel press and liquid colors.  Those rich colors give these soft colors a nice soothing pop!

So fun!  So many ways to use product!  Hope this inspires you to see these products in new ways.  And especially if you are not a planner person, this is a really fun alternative to using that gorgeous planner!  Be sure to shop for all planner supplies this October while 25% off!  Shop here.

Here is a list of the main supplies I used:

A5 Page Creator Steel Rule Die SR-0037
Journey Rectangles Die Set DI-0041
Blooming Petals Die Set DI-0327
Tag Set Steel Rule Die SR-0014
I Heart Days Planner JD-0041
Designers Choice Prints PP-0046

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