Monday, October 23, 2017

Planner with Gel Press, Stamps, Dies, Printed Paper, and Washi Tape

We are getting some cooler weather and I love it!  My daughter on the other hand, doesn't.  LOL  The Make Your Mark Planner promotion at Fun Stampers Journey is still going on for the month of October.  The planners to me are not just an excellent way to jot down to-do lists, but a great way to use your supplies and most importantly exercise your CREATIVITY!

For my September monthly view I used the gel press!!  LOVE the way this came out so much.  I was inspired by the Starbucks leaf card for the colors and the messy layers of colors.  I used very little paint, didn't need a lot, super quick and easy to turn that blank page into something beautiful and get you started.

I didn't stop with just the pages, I also used the same paint colors on the gel press and pressed a piece of vellum into it!  Works awesome!  It will curl a little and with using the gel press and having a light layer of paint, it dries so quickly.  I then stamped and embossed leaves in gold!  Swoon!  For my little divider or maker for my month, I used one of the border dies and the mirror gold paper, lined up one of the insert pages to punch my holes.

I added some stamping to show the days of the week for routine events, to highlight events or activities, used washi tape to bring in more texture and color and then added some photos as well.  The planners to me are a great way to journal and add photos and really document the days and months.  It is so awesome to look back on!!

And here is a weekly view decorated.  The printed paper I used on this spread (see below in photo) inspired the colors and I knew would work perfectly for my husband's birthday.  I used the Tab Clips die to attach with a spot to layer more stamping and adds color.  Since this was about my husband, I used the large "D" from the steel rule die in white, and added streaks of color from applying the ink pads directly to it.

Use washi strips not just to anchor or hold things in place, but in horizontal and vertical directions, it really makes your weekly spread more interesting to look at.

I used the smallest one of the Create a Tab dies to add more lists and add a photo of celebrating my hubby's birthday, so I die cut it in Whip Cream.  One of my favorite dies.  Beautiful in printed paper as well!

And here is another example from a weekly view where I did more journaling and also included a photo.  It is priceless to look back on these details.

The weekly page above and the August monthly view pages below both use leftovers of die cuts and stamped images.  It is a perfect way to have fun decorating your planner!

I used the new photo inserts here instead of adhering photos to the pages.  This inspired me so much to do a planner just dedicated to memory keeping!  But I will finish my Traveler Notebook for the year since that is what I started and maybe do this idea for the entire year next year.

Life is busier now and I find I do not take as many photos as I used to so this is such a fun and perfect way to show off those favorites moments or events.

If you are still on the fence about planners, I hope this gives you some ideas and a look into what you can do with them.  This would be great to document a baby's first year, or just dedicated to your grandkids or your fur babies too!   We are all so creative, you just have to exercise it, and planners give you that outlet and are so fun and addicting!

Happy Creating and happy shopping!!  Get all things planner related while on sale!

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  1. Wonderful pages! I just love all the details and the ephemera!


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