Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mardi Gras Half Marathon! 2/25/2007

February 27th, Dennis reached and exceeded his goal of a half marathon. His pace was 8:27, much better than what he was aiming for. He was thrilled. He was hauling in big time in these last two photos they took. One is him crossing the finish line and the other is right before...someone was trying to pass him...and well, if you've done races, that gets your competitive juices flowing, so he didn't run with that much force the entire race.

The day could not have been better for a race. You needed a jacket if you didn't...too cold not to, so perfect for runners and walkers. The beginning and end were at the Superdome, so it was nice sitting high up on the ramp where the festivities were looking done at the racers. Dennis is in all of these pics...too hard to see him when the race began, but he is a little behind the American Flag in the crowd.

I looked on wearing my fleur de lis cap in pride. Hard to believe so much tragedy happened right there at the Superdome almost two years ago.

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