Sunday, March 11, 2007

Grateful for my EYES!

Because I finally started reading all of the Harry Potter books, and well...couldn't stop until finished. Yes, I read 4 of the 6 published in 3 weeks. I have the 7th one on pre-order. I'm going to have to do some re-reading. She, the Authur, is really a sly little thing. She's holding out until that 7th book!! She's wicked!! It's torture. If you've never read the books because of religious views of what others have said, you need to read it for yourself. I can see why kids would like it. It is by far a story about people given the same life situations, and seeing the choices they make and the direction their lives go. A very clear good and evil story. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, but the Harry Potter series do an excellent job of identifying with real life stuff. In The Order of the Phoenix, with Rita Skeeter and the awful Ministry of Magic...oh my...I had a few choice words for Umbridge, couldn't help but think of a little person in a big company and the little person's hope in getting the truth out to everyone is halted by the authorities above him. And, unfortunately, it is best to not use words to fight, because the truth comes out in the end! Love true is that! Of course, that's politics too and for kids, school, but I could relate more to a little person in a big company.
If anyone cares to discuss their thoughts on the who they think is dead or will be dead, who is evil or good, what are the horcruxes, give me a shout out. It is just pure torture!

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