Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just Read "Fat Girl" by Judith Moore

Who says what makes someone beautiful? Who determines what makes a person, especially, a girl look good or not? And why is it that that is the only thing seen? Where does this come from? Because, unfortunately, the world's views out number the rest of us.

For those I'm closest with, they know why I'm asking these questions, some more than others. And why after reading a book that is so brutally and disturbingly honest of a girl's life being fat, would make me sad, angry, hurt, disgusted, ashamed, and I wish I had met Judith Moore before she died. I could sit with her as we looked through my family albums and she would understand exactly how I feel without saying a word.

Her life growing up was far worse than I could imagine, but it was extremely and painfully close in a lot of areas that made the book extremely hard to get through, and it's a very short book.

I remember someone at work looked down the office and at the sight of another girl's bee-hind, said would you look at that cottage cheese. I'm not going to post all of my thoughts on that, but I will say the first thought I had was what has she said about me and others without giving a care who hears it? I wonder how the scene would look if she lived during the 1800's and the hot body of the time was the voluptuous woman instead of her? The hot body of the time? Your body size and type is a fad...everyone always believes fads are they should know what is hot and what is not?! OMG! No wonder we are all screwed up! We're talking bodies, not clothes.

Judith Moore had a life she didn't want handed down to her, she was never seen for being a child needing to be unconditionally loved. Instead, she had parents who had their issues and then made her life a living hell.

When I worked with the teens, I could see the circle of life continuing down its distorted worldly views. I'm glad for my life though. Glad that I wasn't cool growing up and went through all I did. Because I can see and make my life what I want it to be now before it is too late, before I have kids, or get so old that it's too late. I'm thankful for my pains, my hurts, my disappointments, never being like or looking like other girls. So when I'm old and gray and looks have completely gone, I will still have beauty that some will never understand, and feel contentment and happiness from leaving the world's views and listening and following my heart instead.

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  1. I totally agreed with you. Like reading this article.


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