Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Latest on our Wait for Emma

Can't say for families all over the world that adopt from China, but as far as we can tell from our agency, they reported three very happy families to receive their referrals: each was matched with a 7-month old little girl. Their entire time from log in date to referral ended up being 17 months. So thankfully with families before us leading the way, we can see that our time table for our referral (right now) would put us at August 07 for the referral and October 07 for traveling to get our daughter. We received our updated home study from our social worker this week for our Dossier and records with our agency and China, but even more importantly, we will need the update to re-file our I-600A Petition to Adopt an Orphan with our government. As far as the waiting time growing more and never knowing a concrete date for the referral and traveling...although I am grateful for it because there's no problem with the adoption...that will happen...the downfall to the wait is getting the home study, fingerprints, Petition all up-to-date if they expire while the waiting time fluctuates. All of the updates cost. The Petition alone is $500 and the fingerprints $70 each, and of course, like with any court, you hope your updated information and Petition with our government makes it way through and through to the right hands. I am just so completely thankful that I am a U.S. Citizen and don't have to apply for citizenship there at the USCIS. But it makes me so sad to see how malevolent people are treated there. I feel like slime myself when I leave there.

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