Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blog Catch Up

I tried to blog a couple weeks ago, but hopefully our Internet will now stay up since changing Internet providers.
Had a great visit with my cousin and uncle who stopped through on their way to Texas for a family reunion a few weeks ago. It was really really good to see them. I think we could have talked for hours. We ate at Parran's in Metairie.
The only change with the Emma situation is the waiting time does in fact continue to grow...right now that puts us at August for the Referral (we see her picture and vitals) and October 2007 to travel. If it weren't for China being one of the most stable countries to adopt from and having very healthy children, the number of families probably wouldn't be almost triple the amount they've ever had, and not having as many children to speed it up. To put this in perspective, our family advocate, gave us these statistics:
In 2001 the U.S. issued over 4600 immigrant visas to Chinese children. By 2005, the number grew to 7900.
And that is just for the U.S. Other countries adopt from China as well. So you can see the "why" for the lengthy wait.
We just sent off for our passports to be renewed. Don't want to have to pay a fee to expedite it and leaving us with no passport if we would need it, so that has been sent. Will be re-filing our Petition to Adopt a Foreign Orphan with our government soon. It's really funny when you think it takes two people to create a baby, but for children that need a home, it takes a whole lot of people. It's amazing really.
Our little Daisy Mae kitty cat is still having her allergy problems. She hasn't clawed herself to the point of bleeding anymore. We ended up having to take her to the LSU Small Animal Clinic as our Vet recommended, to figure out the problem. That's an all-day thing there, because they do everything while you wait, test results and the whole bit...yep, comes with a nice price. They had to sedate her too...for awhile after, she was really out of it. She's our high-maintenance girl. We need to take her back this Friday...but after all of the allergy shots and changing food and the steroid shots after almost a year now...it really might just be fleas. You just don't see fleas on cats like you do dogs, because they are so quick to lick themselves...but with giving her the Advantage, I did see one dead flea fall off of her.
Dennis and I will soon be announcing our new business. Dennis is still working, this is something we'll both be doing for fun. Getting closer to going live on the Internet with it. Been busy with all of that.

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