Sunday, April 15, 2007

This Weekend

Had a busy weekend, some wasn't fun, some was. We did take Daisy back to the LSU Small Animal Clinic at LSU in B.R. This is her second visit with a dermatologist for her allergies. We're still trying to see if it is fleas that are aggravating her before we go into more testing. Again, they had to sedate her. The doctor really wants Daisy's skin to heal, we reluctantly said we'd try the e-collar...the soft kind. With the sedation, the collar, and her stubborness, when I got her in the van, she tried to make a mad dash for it, stumbling all over the place but also throwing herself up against the van doors. She had a little tantrum to say the least...Miss Drama Queen. So the collar lasted about 5 minutes. She stopped throwing her self around the van, looking wild, and instead just stumbled around everywhere.
We know the doctor had found two fatty tumors on her during the first visit, so I don't know if this is another one that grew fast or what??? But there is a huge one right on the inside of her front right leg. One of my dad's sayings was, "it's hell to get old." She's 12, so she is getting up in age. We'll have to bring her again, sedate her, so they can check her out and test it. She is definitely our high maintance girl.

Saturday, we went to Bath and Body Works across the lake for a special event, got back and then went to a wedding. We know the bride and groom from the church youth group. They had a beautiful, fun and creative we'll never forget.

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