Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life with My Little Rug Rats!

Such a bad photo...had my little camera that has the settings for websites and I was laughing so hard. Nice ad for Chef Boyardee though...didn't place the can either, just happened that way. This is so gross I know. Poor Dennis. He was opening this can for lunch the other day, turned to get a bowl, came back and found her in it! She ate a good bit too! So then he went to open up a can of tuna (which is bad anyway when you have cats around), well, he had to end up giving the can of Chef Boyardee and tuna to both Daisy and Archie to eat...mainly the liquid from the Chef Boyardee, but he wasn't going to eat it. So he made himself a sandwich eventually...and finally had his lunch...

As far as how she's doing...much better, but last few days kind of funky. Her energy level is low and last night...well, I lost count of how many times she threw up. Could be from all that tuna...so rich. Hopefully, that's all it is. She's got her appetite, though, as you can see. As long as she has that, she'll be with us a good awhile.

We still take her every week for her fluids at the vet. It gets mentally draining worrying about her and taking care of her, but we're not giving up on her.

She's really itchy again right now. The vet agreed, with all that we did, we stopped the allergy shots because there wasn't any progress. So Dennis gives her her liquid steriods and then the other day we had to give her a Chlor-Trimeton...she was just bleeding so much from scratching. Didn't do a whole lot...it only last for 4 hours, but could be why even after the next day she kind of drags.

Don't know...gets tiring, so emotional seeing her get stressed with taking her to the vet for the fluids, (they stick a big needle under her skin and inject fluid that forms a sack...her body can absorb the liquid...with kidney problems, she'll never drink as much liquids as she needs to flush out the funk in her kidneys) trying to give her her steroids, and the Chlor-Trimeton is a nightmare because it's a pill. As the vet said, she's undergone so much stress, we try to limit it as much as possible, but we have to take care of her.

Just trying to keep her healthy and to keep eating...who would have thought Chef Boyardee.

She's staying in a little more. Her new favorite place is the windowsill in the kitchen.

Had to close the doors to some of the rooms because Archie was having his little peeing throughout the house thing going on for awhile there...unfortunately, ever since Katrina. He did really good for awhile until we left for Christmas last year and came back home to find puddles. But have recently opened the doors again and scope it out to see how he's doing...so far so good. And he's back in one of his favorite spots...Emma's crib, which is really good from what I've read for a cat with his personality to be exposed to all the newness of the stuff before the other living creature gets there! He's such a momma's boy. For a cat, I'm amazed I can get anything done...he is extremely demanding of ME.

Life with my little rug rats!

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