Friday, October 05, 2007

DaY 21 of the {21} Challenge with Rhonna

I did it! Thank you, Rhonna, for great quotes, designs, and encouragement. And to all of the other 21ers...we DID it!!!!

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  1. Well done!
    Thanks for the idea for my very own "black box"! My bro-in-law set it up for me and now I'm rockin'!

  2. congrats!!! i have enjoyed lurking here. connie

  3. That is true, just practice. It has helped me to get started on a lifestyle I want to keep up. Eating healthy and exercise and the rest of my goals. Well done on all your pages. xo Nita

  4. Yay, Patricia!!! Congratulations on getting finished and creating such a gorgeous book!! You did it!!! smiles...

  5. Congrats Patricia! You made it! Well done! I must just do my last page now too. I have bookmarked you in my blog so I won't loose you! lol-so easy to happen in this blogging world! Take care! Bonnie

  6. Congrats!! You did it!!! Yeah!!!


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