Sunday, December 09, 2007

2007 - It's a Wrap

Very last Layout for the A Year to Remember class calendar. Have to say it was good, but ready to move on. I did my own interpretation of the Layout's assignment and did a recap of some of the things to remember from 2007...not all. And Daisy and Archie are very much a part of our family, so they have to be included.
One of the class projects was to make the December calendar an advent calendar. Really not my thing...but since I started it, I finished it. Christmas is complicated enough...I'd really like to put on each day to just chill and take it easy and don't run yourself ragged...instead of making up stuff and making it sound like I have all this energy to put up Christmas lights and decorations and make my Christmas cards...ha...don't think so. But I didn't put a thing, just cut up paper and pockets for now.
I'm really exhausted with wearing the boot and going to PT three times a week. I did go the gym also twice this past week. And did a LOT of running around. Which is tiring enough, but for me, it's take the boot off, put regular shoe on, drive, park, take shoe off, put boot on, hobble around with a boot that begins to feel like dead weight, take the boot off, put the shoe on, drive, park, and repeat.
I'd like to say my foot is better, but it's not. It does feel a little stronger around my ankle, but it's not better, the pain is still there. PT did a very deep tissue massage on it TWICE...I thought I was going die. I go back to the doctor this Thursday and I'm really anxious about what he will say.
Got some blood work done the other day and will go back to my regular doctor after the first of the year. With me turning 40, we're checking to see if maybe taking a new medication called Byetta for diabetics will help with my insulin resistance. It would be nice to see how that helps me. Will have to wait to see what the tests show to see if I am actually insulin resistant.
Happy Sunday and have a great week!!!

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