Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Thursday Before Christmas!!!

It'll be here and then gone before we know it. Looking forward to the new year.

Had my MRI today of my foot. I've had one done before of my head, and this one was worse for me. Having my upper body and head out of the machine looking at the huge thing was much worse than just being in it...crazy I know. I really had to do a lot of deep breaths and I had so many floods of anxiety. I used to not be that bad, but the last couple of years, I just kind of have more anxiety attacks. I knew it would be worse if I stopped them because it would take longer...I just kept picturing Daisy and Archie and tried to keep breathing...very deeply. So we'll see what the results are soon.
Been busy creating again...just good therapy especially this time of year. Pencil Lines Challenge but just really wanted to make something.
Got Mojo challenge, but again, really wanted to make something and oh how I love Starbucks. This LO not only looks good, but smells wonderful in real life!!!

I thought it would cool looking back on when I first started this blog, so I did screen shots of my blog and put them together on this page. Blogs are no big deal now, but imagine ten years from now. Need to do one for MySpace too. This is history right now!

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