Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holidays were Great!!!!

Family Shot We had a great Christmas together. Lisa had us all over. First time she's ever done any holiday or event at her house. She made some great baked chicken that easily could blow away a huge dry turkey. It was just absolutely wonderful!!

Family Shot We had so much fun taking pictures. Dennis' idea to try this. Didn't kow if it would come out...but one of our favorites!!!! We're just a bunch of nuts!!!

Holly and Mike ShotsHolly and Mike

Lisa showing off her Christmas present to herself. The "I Love Lucy" complete DVD series.
Lisa Lisa's birthday wasn't until New Year's day, but Holly and Mike gave her their gift and Amy's gift as well. Amy gave added to her "I Love Lucy" collection.

Holly and Mike's gift to Lisa.
Dennis and Patricia
Me and Dennis
Holly and Mike gave me and Lisa both a Star Wars's 30 years since Star Wars has been around...very cool calendar! Have lots of memories of watching Star Wars for the first time at the theatre and waiting in a really really really long line for them.
The bottle cap keychains I made for everyone went great...they loved them. For Lisa, I put Mairtin (spl??) in hers. He's from the band Fuschia...he is wonderful...Lisa thinks so too! ;)
Tristan loved hers because I put a little piece of her beautiful artwork in it. She was surprised!!!
Holly showing off one of her gifts.
Mike with one of his gifts.
Holly and Mike
Celtic cross Lisa gave them.
Patricia and Holly
I'm showing off the big flower ring actually that Lisa gave me. Funny, because I was looking at that exact one! I thought she had talked to Dennis or something...she didn't!!
Patricia and Holly
Love the faces we make when people open presents.
Patricia holding the artwork
Tristan's first consignment job that she did of New Orleans with her pastels...just beautiful...she had it printed, numbered, and gave us each one.
Lisa's Scooby Doo Ornament
Scooby-Doo - another collection of Lisa's. Lisa's house is much light. Can take wonderful pictures!
Lisa and Holly
Chef Lisa and Holly in the kitchen putting the bread in the oven.
Chef Lisa and Dennis
Dennis didn't hesitate to get his plate. Lisa is so funny with her faces.
Holly getting that yummy salad put together.
Candid Shots
Candid shot of us hanging out.

We're such a small family now with Mom and Dad gone, but regardless...we had a great time and made the best of spending time with the family we have left. Have to say it was one of my favorites Christmases.

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