Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Staying off of the computer a LOT lately. My right hand is really flaring up from it. No doubt working on all those hundreds of forms for mail merge and document assembly at work over and over again didn't help. But my setup at home isn't really ergonomically correct. And I've actually enjoyed not being on the computer as much.

Went back to the doctor about my foot and I do have a tear. He mentioned surgery as if it were our option if we wanted to go ahead with that and then did say I could wear the boot again, that it could heal, doesn't know the percentage though. I had to settle Dennis down. We had both been extremely frustrated. After the initial injury in July after one of my walks and seeing him to see what I had even done to it, it did get a little better after the two weeks rest, good shoes and inserts, but not completely. I've been a walker for over 10 years and even though I had slacked a little on it, I still wanted to do it because I love it, so I did do a little and it was okay, but after the two weeks into my training for the half marathon, I could barely walk the rest of the way home.

That second visit with him, four months later, he first commented that I didn't come back in two weeks. Okay, that was the first thing that was frustrating. He told me to only come back in two weeks if it was not better. It actually was...I could put my full weight on it and walk as opposed to limping on my toes. The second thing that was frustrating was he said my diagnoses from last time was plantars faciitis. Okay, that was not correct. I'm not a doctor, but it was post tibial tendonitis. Then the next thing that was frustrating was he wanted to send me on my way with good shoes and inserts as a fix. HELLO~!~! What the **** had I been doing for 4 months. I don't go barefoot, I don't wear house shoes. I only wear running shoes and inserts constantly. He was reluctant to take, as he said, the next step, which was to wear a boot to immobilize it for one month. We had to ask for it!! Then he also prescribed the PT with wearing the boot for one month. We left wondering why would you want to immobilize a foot that needs to heal and do PT at the same time? Well, we're not the doctor. Although I will not make that mistake again.

The PT did help strengthen, but the more I went through it, the more it bothered my foot also. And for some reason, I had to keep re-iterating to them that it was not the plantar fascia but the side of my foot.

Went back to the doctor in December for follow-up. I thought I was going to die as he examined my foot. He went on with his recorded like speech that he really thought this was a stage 1, just tendonitis that'll go away. Well, hello?!!! He orders an MRI.

Back to see him after the MRI, found out about the tear, and back in the boot. He said even with surgery I would need custom orthotics, so to go ahead and get those made.

We were so frustrated to have gone through PT and the boot at the same time and to now find out it's a tear wondering if all of that made it worse. Dennis was so red and agitated.

I talked to my friend, Teri. I had wanted to see her husband originally, he is a foot and ankle doc, but didn't take my insurance. She said please go get a second opinion. I did and we also changed over our insurance to another, which makes me sick to think if we had had the insurance that this other doctor took, I would have been back to normal by now!!!!

The other doc said absolutely NO need for surgery. On a scale of 1to 5, even with a partial tear, that tendon is a 5, very strong. He doesn't recommend wearing the boot, but instead hiking boots with an ankle cast (the same kind the pro-soccer players use), and get off of it as much as possible. He said 3 months. To help even more with the inflammation and to boost the healing process, I'm getting one of those coveted Cortisone shots...urghhh...anxious about that.

So for now, my regime is warm soak in the a.m.; ice it at night; stay in the hiking boots with ankle cast; stretches (but not the kind that I did in PT, because they said those aggravate it!!!!!!!! I'm so pissed about that!!!!!!!!!). I actually have been doing Yoga that I can do sitting, which is a lot. It really makes me feel better and I know it all helps.

I was able to put a 6 month hold on my Pelican Athletic Club membership, which is wonderful!! I can't wait to get back.

That's that for the foot.

I went back to my main doctor as a follow up to my blood workup to see if I was insulin resistant. YES!!!! I couldn't believe how high the numbers were. Pre-diabetic. Don't know if the shit I've done to myself has made those numbers higher or even when I was fit if they were high because I've always had problems with my blood sugar levels. Have had hyper-glycemia since I was 10, passing out, and fainting spells all my life. Plus like the doc said, I'm hormonal right now with the change beginning, and that makes it much harder to even out the sugar levels. So basically, I could eat an apple, and it go straight to my gut.

So I'm a candidate for Byetta injections. I've been injecting since 1/3 twice a day before meals. And for the first time, I can actually feel satisfied and feel my hunger and fullness. It's amazing!!! I feel like I'm becoming normal again with my eating issues, which for me, is critical to my entire well being.

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