Friday, February 08, 2008

Creative Update-2008 Calendar and Charm Swap

Realized I never posted any of this. My mantra for 2008 is "Moving Foward." Inspired by Walt Disney. Love Love Love the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons, it just had the whole feeling of what Walt Disney was all about. So it's still another Year to Remember as always, just a new saying.
February LO - Wanted to have each month reflect the here and now. Well, unfortunately, having an injured foot is a huge part of my life whether I want it to or not, so really wanted to show and remember what right now is like for when I look back and remember the good and the bad.
Bottom of my February calendar - it's a tough month no doubt. Anniversary of Mom's death, Daisy not doing well and may have to make the dreaded decision, can't get around because of my foot, so "Be Extra Gentle to Myself" is what's it's all about for now as I literally take it one step at a time.

January LO - Moving forward and what I want to accomplish in 2008 - I DO NOT DO resolutions. Just sets you up for failure. I'm setting myself up for success. Love fresh starts and new perspectives.
bottom of January calendar

Had finished these charms over the holidays. Did 82 of them for the Scrap, Etc. Charm Swap. Did in stages so not that bad...really Love my fix for Hello Kitty. It's Hello Kitty gone artsy.

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