Monday, February 04, 2008

Daisy and Her Sulfur Baths

I've uploaded a bunch of pics of Daisy as well as some video. She just breaks your heart looking at her. But we do know that as long as she is not doing the biting and scratching and tearing herself up with horrible wounds, she is not in any pain, we confirmed what we see the vet and she's assured us that she is not in pain. The only thing is between the kidney problem and her being an older cat, she gets much colder, has lost just about all of her muscle and is so frail, and we think, little small seizures we believe anyway...basically, she just kind of goes out of it and isn't coherent.

She'll get her third sulpher bath tomorrow. She did get back in her litter box this week. So hard to understand and try to figure out what she's feeling. She had gotten her fluids on Saturday, so she should have been feeling pretty good. And we've still been giving her the extra potassium supplement. And she's still on her antibiotics for the urinary infection she got last week. But she's back out of the litter box now. It's very upsetting. But we realize we have to take one moment at a time with how she is doing. She'll never be the same as she was before with the toll of the skin problems for so long and especially the kidney problem. That's what really did her in and even though her blood levels are within normal ranges, she cannot get back what she has lost because of the onset of the disease.

So you can see from the photos that we are making her as comfortable and as warm as possible. Treating her like an old cat that needs special treatment and reassuring her that we still love her. She's in our dining room/foyer area. Even though we have to close it off sometimes when she is moving around so she doesn't pee in places she shouldn't, she hasn't been moving around much at all. So we just stop by and give her some added attention from each of us. She's always been a snuggler...and more so now...

Had to sneak a little of Archie in here just for fun of kind of a sad post and all. But this is the little rug rat himself, momma's boy. These pics cracked me up when I could actually see what goes on behind my back. Somebody's always watching me!!

Ah, well...I was crying my eyes out when I took these. Sometimes when cats get in their litter boxes, it's because they're bored or just playing around...but she was just lying in it, as well as lying right on top of her pee and poo. And so we knew she was doing it because she wasn't feeling good. We really thought this was it and were very close to going ahead and facing what we needed to do. But these were a few weeks ago when she was at her worst and had started peeing around the house because she couldn't find or get to one of the many litter boxes around the house. That's when we tried the potassium supplement and she bounced back and stayed out of the litter box. So that's when we decided to tackle the scratching and biting probably more aggresively and do what we thought we could never do...give her sulfer bath treatments.

These are videos from our first successful attempt to give Daisy her first of 4 to 6 sulfer baths. We have to put a gel in her eyes them, not on...we thought we couldn't do it, but sucked it up and did it!! The bath part was actually the easiest. Thanksfully Dennis was able to do it by himself...I can't take off my shoes and that position would not be good for my tendon, and the sulfer stains everything it touches.

This was the worst part...she'd never know a cat could get so loud. You can't dry her off, she has to dry on her own, that's part of the treatment. So she has to air dry. Takes about two-three hours of enduring her screaming, then when she's just damp, we run the blow dryer over her for about 30 minutes. The stuff smells awful too.

Not too great at the video...oh well...

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