Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Best Part of Scrap, Etc.

Can't say enough about the wonderful people I met. My only regret is there were still tons of people I didn't get to meet and/or take pictures of and with. The event was really overwhelming to me because of the amount of people. I don't function too well in that kind of environment, so I think if it wasn't for seeing other people take their cameras out, I would have still sat there, all glassy eyed.
One thing about my camera that I now know and would do differently, is I would just bring the one. I have a small Pentax that takes 8mm and a Canon Rebel xti. The Pentax can take great photos, but it didn't do as well as when I did bring my Canon down from the room in the lighting of the conference rooms at the hotel. So now I know, I will be bringing my Canon with me and leaving the Pentax for taking other kinds of shots...or bringing it for video, especially when we go to China. It will be worth it.
I wanted this month's layout to reflect the event and what I want to remember. Love looking at my calendar.

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  1. i love that you did a calendar page of is so fitting! and you got some really great pictures! =)

  2. gretchen owens10:42 PM

    love that calendar page...i'm so proud of you for completing all the projects from scrap etc....i have BARELY touched mine...i need to get my groove back on!

    glad i found your blog!


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