Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Little Word Challenge - Grow

I don't really like to do challenges that have judging, I just like the ones that are for fun and everyone does them together. But I do like the challenges because they do stretch you, and this was a picture of our church we used to go to that I took one day and had some feelings brewing of what I wanted to do with it. So the word is GROW from One Little Word Blog but I used GROWN and came up with this. The title reads: I have grown away from church and religion but my heart is spoken for.
I don't miss going one bit. I loved working the with the youth, but once my Mom died, I had nothing else to offer and big church, as we called it, the one for the grown ups, had nothing to offer me. I'm thankful for not being in church anymore. I realized how I put myself on a pedestal above the people that didn't go, I see things in a completely different perspective and can see why Christianity is a turn off to most people. I can see just a little of how much bigger God is than being trapped within the walls and rules of a church. I think for myself now, I feel God in more everyday things, and I don't have the guilt or the shame that church and religion wants you to feel and live. I don't think Jesus would like church much either ;)

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