Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pics of Daisy

This was Wilna's challenge on Scrap in Style. She wanted you to use a piece of cardboard, paint, brads ribbon, chipboard letters, and one piece of patterned paper and that's it. I love paint, so I knew what I wanted to do. Took an old piece of patterned paper, put vaseline in blobs in different spots, then painted all over very gently, let it dry, then wiped to give that old paint worn look. I wanted that old French country look. The moments we have with Daisy right now are most definately cherished.

Finally uploaded all these...takes forever with the pics being so big. These are the sweetest pictures of Daisy even though she's as skinny as a kitten now. She actually looks more like a rat with extra long legs and a big head. Right now, she may have put on some fat though, because she looks good. With her body size changing, so has her whiskers. She lost all of them, and the new ones are the exact size of her little body. Amazing how our bodies are designed.

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