Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Creative Getaway

I think that's what I've been on since the Scrap, Etc. Event! As long as it's my hobby, it's my therapy and my creative outlet. So, part of that is looking at things you'd normally pass over in different ways. Like when I used to be able to walk ;) and was on one of my walks one morning, I stole some garbage from a neighbor. Some kind of a/c part, that I want to use for something one day...and then Dennis, out and about in New Orleans on a service call, saw this window frame by the curb. The weather is great, so we started removing the layers of old paint. I know what color I want to paint it, but have some ideas for the glass part...just not for sure. This will hang over our mantle when it's done.

Smells really do make you think of so many things. Every now and then I'd get a whiff of New Orleans in this frame. It actually made me think specifically of City Park. I instantly was brought back to Story Land and the carousel ride there at the park.
This was a challenge from Martha Bonneau over at SIStv. I've been copying her a lot lately. She's just really great at layering.
She is Queen...yes, Daisy is!
This one is inspired from One Little Word challenge blog. The word up is Today. Really loved this word. Did two things actually. Used the SIStv Jim and Pam collection (for the officey feel) for this. My recent fingerprint updates did not go through and were not legible. So I need a police clearance for the USCIS or our I-171 (our USCIS approval to adopt international and Emma's future Visa will be abandoned. Really love documenting the here and now. This instantly went into her book.

I really doubt that Jeanette the creator of SIStv would have time to check my blog, LOL, so taking a chance a posting it here. Going to the 1 year anniversary celebration for SIStv soon and one of the Fashionista's, Jan, asked if we wanted to do a layout for JJ and she would put them all in a book. Had no clue what I wanted to do, but really like how this came out. Used a thick layer of gesso all over cardstock, stamped owls in the gesso, dried, then painted, and smeared with wet wipe, I think I used a couple of different colors, yellow and blue, cause I found out she likes that color combo. Really love the way this came out.

This was inspired by the scrapjacked challenge blog site. And Martha Bonneau was scrapjacked!! I'm really not stalking her. Love this pic of Daisy. And really loved using that gorgeous Hambly with this layout.

This was inspired by the One Little Word challenge blog again. The word up Today. I save everything it seems like. And this was a heavy duty clothes tag I had cut off a shirt and kept. Well, after doing Gigi's National Scrapbooking Day (NSD) journal using a cereal box, I knew I wanted to make a little book out of this. LOVE this!! My little simple reminders for self care inspired by the practice of Yoga. Hangs by my bathroom mirror now.

And this was the journal made from a cereal box. Gigi taught this during NDS at SIStv. Made this little one for Dennis for his running goals. He loved it ;) did another one for Mother's Day for my MIL. Cute and quick! More NSD stuff. Corinne Delis another Fashionista from SIStv had a bunch of challenges for that weekend. One was to do a layout of a major life changing experience...LOL, that wasn't hard for me to do ;)
Another Corinne NSD Challenge. To Rock the Paint...Love Paint!! Love how this came out. Simple, but makes a statement.
Went straight in Emma's book.
Another Corinne challenge. I actually got on the CATWALK last week for this on SIStv. Fashionista, Stacey Fike, picked ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY was shocked!!!
We were to journal about our growth...not a hard one for me either. This was JJ's challenge to use yellow and blue, butterflies, 17 brads. I really hated this. Still don't really like it. Just didn't come together that great. But some things about it I do like. You always have those so so things you do.

If you made it to the end of this post, good for you!!! I've done my quota for the day/week!!!

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  1. Congrats on the recent recognition of your creations. That window frame is striking though, a girl could do so much with that kind of thing!


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