Thursday, May 15, 2008

I made the Catwalk again at SIStv!!!!!!!!!!

Me, making the catwalk...can't believe! Well, not really me, but this layout. JJ was the one who picked mine too, which is really a cool thing because one of her 5 children is adopted from China. So she knows what all is involved.

This really made my day! Been kind of feeling bummed yesterday and today. Mother's day really wasn't bad for me. I did think of Mom, but didn't really get sad. Only had one little sad moment Saturday when I pulled into the drive and two blue birds, male and female, flew past me and landed on the basketball goal and then flew off to a tree. That was kind of about a 1 minute gut wrenching moment thinking of Mom. She loved blue birds, and I knew those were meant for me to see. And have been seeing them the rest of the weekend and week. As far as me being a Mom, that really doesn't affect me in a bad way. I'm more reluctant to be a Mom, so I think that's why. And there are so many ways to nurture and care for others, that being what we know as a "Mom" doesn't affect me.

But one thing that really has me in a slump is Daisy. She's back in her litter box. She's still staying outside in the screened area, but I really hate to see her in her box because that's when I know she's really not feeling good. And then we go again about putting her to sleep, but it's so hard to make that final decision. She's not in pain, just not feeling good. We did go back to just once a week with the fluids, and just changed back to twice a we will see if that helps her bounce back.

And, a big thing to get you kind of down is the earthquake in China. I can barely watch the news. Just going through what we went through with Katrina, it just breaks my heart to see the devastation over there, people without homes, killed, alone. It is really a trigger to feelings I had during that time. And praying is all I can do right now for them, but we hope to offer more help later. As far as news about adoptions, I have no idea. I don't think that's something anyone can really answer right now. The time frame for this month is saying March 2009 for our referral, but I just have to think that this will have a much greater impact on the adoptions there.

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  1. thx for stopping by.
    the devastation in China is something...unreal...prayers for those people...definitely.
    sorry to hear about lil daisy not doing so well. :(
    hopefully she will bounce back.
    and i will make an extra ATC just for you! what is one more when you are making 60, right??!! mine is for the Sister-Sister swap.
    when i am done, i will get your addy and send it, OK?!

  2. Wow Patricia, you've been going through a lot! I am really glad that the Catwalk added some needed brightening to your week. Your LO was very good, real and honest. LOVE THAT!
    I love the story of the bluebirds, very special.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on making the catwalk!!


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